How to succeed as an intern in Barcelona?

Internships are an awesome way to get a headstart in your career. The experience of working with established brands in Spain can be fruitful for newcomers. However, you must utilize this opportunity to its fullest, because internships create a major dominance in your resume. Working with an energetic zeal can create a long-lasting impact on your colleagues, and this will help you to build a better image in the corporate world. Having said that, it is important to add certain values to your work during the internship period. Let’s have a quick look at how you can boost your team’s performance as an intern!

Bring new concepts to the table!

Brands in Spain provide learning opportunities to students by releasing internship programs. And in order to prove your worth as a valuable team member, you must bring new ideas before your senior officials. When you look at the existing business module from a unique perspective, you figure out possible loopholes and weak spots of the brand. Now the task of an intern is to devise new concepts that the brand can work on, in order to avoid those shortcomings. When you put forth your suggestions, your senior officials notice your awareness and indulgence. And your input might even bring about a great change in the working system of the company. 

Utilize your knowledge

The best part about getting internships in Barcelona is that they provide superior practical knowledge. During the period of internship, you can actually experience what it feels like to be a full-time employee. And during the beginning of this phase, an intern is supposed to grasp a lot of information from their practical experience in the company. To contribute better to your

team, you must utilize your knowledge in such a way that you can easily blend with the other employees with the least guidance. It is crucial to observe your surroundings and learn from them so that you can utilize your knowledge later and increase the performance of your team.

Efficiency at its best!

Usually during internships, one won’t face an immense workload because it is a learning phase. Henceforth, you will get sufficient time to complete your daily tasks and hit your target accordingly. So, whenever your officials assign you to work, make sure to invest all of your knowledge and hard work to deliver the best! Your efficiency should be evident. That’s an accurate method of enhancing the performance of your entire team because your efficiency can motivate your colleagues to perform in a similar manner.

Inculcate and nurture “Atomic Habits”

The phrase “Atomic Habits” has been brought into limelight by James Clear with his self-help book that is one the best selling books of recent times and rated as one of the most influential books of all time. He laid stress on improving a little everyday and cultivated it into a habit. He mentioned 1% improvement everyday is way better than no improvement at all. 

Thus try to blend in the processes and hone your interpersonal skills, analytical skills, retention skills, cognitive abilities, etc. Being a better version of yourself after the internship will reward you with a major boost to your threshold of professional journey. Also, the organization will be benefited with your improvement as it will lead to enriched and efficient work put forth by you. Symbiotic relationship results into a win-win situation and thus, will promote two-way growth.

C3S Business School assists in providing internship programs to its students enrolled for varied programs. Many of our students have been placed for final employment at their internship workplaces. The sheer dedication and commitment shown during the internship can reap a treasure for students once their studies are completed.

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