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Our Student Support Team will assist you with all you need to know about living in the city and studying on our campus. We make certain that our students have access to all of the resources they require, such as information on the various activities, assistance in finding housing, information on how to register as a resident in the city, information on how to apply for necessities such as medical insurance, or information on how to choose and open a bank account in your new country of residence.

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See below our well documented guides that covers all the aspects of your concerns – from accommodation to exploring Barcelona to Visa Support, we got you covered.

Accommodation is often supplied in collaboration with the city’s several student housing service organisations, as well as through student housing websites. Some student housing organisations may reserve rooms exclusively for our students, depending on the location. Bookings and rental agreements can be completed with housing agencies or owners directly. However, we have compiled a  list of service agencies and housing possibilities, as recommended by us. More information

Discover why Barcelona is the place to be, what you need to know to settle in, and how C3S Business School can assist you with your student life so that you may make the most of your time here, both academically and socially. More information

Have you checked if you’ll need a visa to study in Spain? If the answer is yes, then let’s have a look at the ‘A to Z’ of student visa procedure – the steps you’ll need to take, and the documents you’ll need to get the student visa (also known as a ‘study visa’ or a ‘long-term student visa’). More information

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