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Accomodation Guide

Accomodation Guide Achieving your dreams through higher education Barcelona is a big and cosmopolitan city, such a place offers a great number of different kind of accommodations, from hostels, to students’ residencies, shared flats and so on. The kind of accommodation will depend on your

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Dear 2021 fledgling batch:

This fall we’re thrilled and cheerful to welcome on campus all the newly enrolled C3Sians for varied programs… We interviewed two of our alumni of 2020 to share their valuable advice on how to make the most of our time here and not regret the

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Acing your college admission online interviews

ACING YOUR COLLEGE ADMISSION ONLINE INTERVIEWS The world has had a paradigm shift since the advent of pandemic era; from meeting to interviewing to shopping to working to getting entertained, all these things – we now carry out on our comfortable couch at home, thanks

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