VISA Support: Student Visa For Spain

Applying for a VISA to come to Spain may seem complicated at first. To alleviate any concerns, we at C3S have created a guide to make the visa application process easier for our students.

Barcelona is a part of Spain and the European Union, any student coming from outside of Spain for more than three months needs a VISA.

Getting a visa for Spain may take up to 6 weeks to be issued. However, sometimes things can happen where a VISA may take longer for extraneous reasons. To prevent any delay, make sure you make an appointment with the nearest Spanish embassy as soon as possible.

Plan Visa Process in Advance

Make sure you make an appointment with the nearest Spanish embassy as soon as possible to be safe.

It is important you know the time frame of how long the course will be, so you know which visa to apply for (the course length will be stated in the C3S Business School admission letter). If you know the course you’re taking is not going to take more than three months, we recommend you apply for a short–term student visa. If the course lasts longer than 90 days, then you must have to apply for the student visa types available. 


if you apply for a short-term VISA if it expires while you’re in Spain you won’t be able to renew it while you’re in the country. You would have to go back to your country and apply for a new one.

If you apply for a long-term VISA, you will also have to apply for a NIE student resident card within one month after you arrive in Spain. You can apply for that card through the Immigration Department.

For the full list of what documentation and requirement you need for either the tourist, short-term and long-term visas, click here

Before you head over to the Spanish Embassy, you must make sure you have all the documents necessary for the visa you’re applying for. The list of things to bring to the embassy is a long one, so make sure you have everything with you when you reach the embassy, as the Spanish counselors who will process the visa need everything. Know that getting an appointment to a Spanish embassy could sometimes take time, so make sure you don’t waste your time going there only to be sent away by missing something.

Student VISA ApplicationDocumentation Guidelines:

    • Completed and signed Application form for STUDENT Visa
    • Previous official academic documents properly apostilled and legalized (if documents are not in English or Spanish they must be translated by a Sworn translator).
    • Passport and passport copy of all pages. Must be valid for at least one year. There has to be at least two blank pages left for the visa.
  • 1 recent color photo in passport format
  • Flight documents that confirm your travel dates and the dates of your stay. We recommend that you provide a confirmed flight itinerary or reservation, so you won’t have to incur cancellation costs if your visa is denied.
  • Proof of accommodation information about your place of residence during your stay – such as booking documents of the hotel / address of accommodation (C3S offers accommodation Services upon Request, for more information click here)
  • A no-objections letter from your school or university confirming initial payments and acceptance to the program. University letters must include details about what you are studying and the year when you will finish your studies and other program specifications.
  • If you are employed or self-employed: A document which proves employment or self-employment (issued by the place of employment or finance office and addressed to the Spanish Embassy). Also, a no-objections letter from your employer confirming your leave, your position in the company and the termination date of your contract. If self-employed, you need a copy of your income tax return.
  • These documents show that you will not overstay your visa and, though it is optional in many cases, it’s a promising idea to have it since it will increase your chances of a successful application
  • Bank statements of the last three months and the balance of your bank account – which is supposed to prove that you have enough money to care for yourself during the time of your stay.


A minimum of € 550 per month is required. (Cash is not acknowledged as proof). The last three paychecks must be visible in the bank statements.


If you are supported by your spouse or parents, you must present proof of your civil status (marriage certificate or birth certificate) as well as the latest two bank statements of the person who is supporting you.


  • A Certificate of NO Criminal Conviction from every country that the applicant has lived in the last 5 years. Note that Certificates issued by local police stations are sometimes not accepted.
  • A Medical Certificate issued by your doctor stating that you do not suffer from any of the diseases which need quarantine under the International Health Regulation (2005).
  • The fee for the visa in cash (the fee might vary depending on the country in which you are applying). You will find detailed information about the requested amount on the website of the Spanish Embassy of your country.
  • Insurance with a minimum of € 30.000 coverage for 1 year.

Spelling mistakes in any of your documentation could lead to you being sent away from the embassy. Be thorough.

Like mentioned above, getting a Spanish visa takes some time. If you do everything mentioned above correctly, you’ll be able to obtain your visa hopefully in the estimated time. Don’t pressure the embassy since it’s not in their power to speed up the process.



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