How to live in Barcelona on a student’s budget

How to live in Barcelona on a student’s budget

When you are in your student phase, it doesn’t matter what it is, everything will boil down to one scary, dreaded thing: cost. While you are a student, as you are in a journey to complete your studies, it is not often where you will be in a position that you’ll have enough disposable income to go by, especially if you live in an expensive city. However, despite the scare of how much you need to have money wise to make it through, however plays it smart will make it just fine.

This is true for students living in the city of Barcelona. Barcelona runs the gamut of being both affordable and expensive. It is possible, however, to enjoy your life as a student in Barcelona without income stress if you know how to be smart about things. Here are some tips that’ll give you an idea of how much money you need to allocate to certain things so you can enjoy life in Barcelona as a student.

Lodging Accomodations

Depending on the area you are going to live in the city of Barcelona, rent can vary significantly. If you are looking for something affordable to live in with a roommate, you’ll be able to find something between €250 and €500 per person with utilities included (water, gas, electricity and internet). The areas where you’ll find relatively cheap rent for students will be in Les Corts, Zona Universitaria and parts of Eixample.


The average weekly cost for shopping per person (food and hygiene) is around €20 for the most careful spenders and €40 for an average spender. So you can make the math and keep a consideration of €100/month per person if you visit the more affordable supermarkets such as Mercadona, Consum, Lidl and Carrefour. If you need to eat outside your own place, know that the average cost of a meal is around €10 per meal, with half meals being around €6. Avoid fast food chains in Barcelona as much as you can because they are more expensive and lower quality than most restaurants.


Transporation will solely depend on where your usual destinations are (ie. Where your school is located). The distance you’ll travel will determine whether you engage in public transport. Instead of paying everytime you go through the metro, you can pay for a trimester travel card called T-Jove that costs €105 for 90 days of travel if you are under 25. Another option is the city’s Bancing service, a bycicle rental scheme that for €47/year they will rent you a bike to go through the city in two wheels. Consider this if the travel distance is significant. Otherwise, the design of the city is such that its very ideal to go on a stroll.

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Barcelona: Reasons Why It’s the Most Enriching City to Study Abroad

Barcelona: Reasons Why It’s the Most Enriching City to Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be considered one of the most enriching experiences a student can have during their formative, higher education years. It is a moment where they can have the opportunity to adapt to a new culture, live in the moment of something fresh and exciting, seize potential new opportunities for their future and experience the world outside the confines of their own.

From the different places students can go to experience a study abroad experience, the city of Barcelona is a unique place amongst many. Here are the reasons why the city of Barcelona is the most enriching city for students to come to for a study abroad opportunity:

Wide Geographical Variety and Beauty

The city of Barcelona is uniquely located in a valley between mountains and the sea in the Spanish region of Catalonia. Basically, it is a city with access from things to the sea and to the mountains. If you are someone very keen to experience some great sights and the great outdoors, the city of Barcelona can give you that experience with breathtaking views on a hike up Mt. Tibidabo or Monserrat one day, to a gorgeous day at the beach near the Mediterranean the next.

Food Heaven

If you want a place with a wide variety of foods, the city of Barcelona is your place. From tapas, pintxos, paella and sangria in one meal, a light breakfast with that includes things like a chocolate croissant or a “pan con tomate”, some great pastry in the different bakeries in the city, the city of Barcelona has got you covered.

Culture: Modern Architecture and Deep Art and Traditions

If there is something that the city of Barcelona embraces wholeheartedly, is its sense of culture. From traditions like the celebration of Sant Jordi on April 23, to architectural showcases of key players in art culture from Barcelona’s history like Antoni Gaudi, and art exhibitions in galleries, exhibitions and museums, the culture of Barcelona is felt all the time. Students looking to get themselves immersed into a different culture will find themselves at home in the city of Barcelona.

Plus, the city of Barcelona is home to arguably the best football/soccer team in the world: FC Barcelona. The chance to see the team play at the historic Camp Nou will make for an experience study abroad students will never forget.

The current tourism situation of Barcelona

The current tourism situation of Barcelona

The city of Barcelona has been one that has become a gateway to many tourists over the last couple of years. Every day, new people enter through the city’s borders and ports, almost to a fault. With such a heavy influx of people coming in and almost never out of the city, a lot of native citizens have become a little more active in letting their feelings and thoughts be heard about who to let into the city and who to not.

Early last year, around 150,000 people started marching in Barcelona demanding the Spanish government to focus more on letting a specific group of people come in rather than another: refugees. This specific group of protestors said they would rather have refugees come to the city rather than the endless swath of tourists that arrive in the country day to day. This didn’t just stop at the protest. Lots of posters and painted words in walls saying things like “Tourists go home, refugees welcome”, “Barcelona is not for sale” and “We will not be driven out” started appearing all over the city. This kind of activism was even dubbed turismofobia amongst the Spanish media.

This kind of news is a very stark contrast to what people may think of the city as a thriving place for tourism. There is no denying that tourism is a very big industry in the city alone, with almost €30bn spent by tourists in the last year. Someone could see numbers like that and think “Why would people not want tourists to come to the city?”. The harsh truth is that, despite the money it brings, the amount of tourism that overflows the city of Barcelona is at odds with the city’s ability to properly hold all the people that come in. That sort of schism has widened as tourists have flooded the city by the thousands, driving costs of lodging to a certain point that actual Barcelona local residents are feeling the negative effects of such a wide amount of people coming in. It has gotten so bad that most of them would rather have penniless refugees come into the city rather than tourists with deep pockets.

It is not hard to see the case to let in refugees rather than tourists these days. In 1990, the city of Barcelona only had 1.7 million tourists visit that year. In 2017, 32 million tourists came to the city of Barcelona, which is almost 20 times the population of the city alone. With this driving up rent prices and cluttering space in neighborhoods and public environments, it is very easy to understand why local residents would rather not have tourists come to the city at all.

This feeling is at odds with what the higher ups of the city want the city to be. The higher ups want to the city to be a welcome place for both tourists and refugees alike. While there is a sign of good intentions with that motto, the truth of the matter is that a city cannot thrive if the amount of people inside of it overwhelms the city’s capacity to hold everyone. Something has to be done to help regulate the city, so it can actually be a place than can accommodate the residents, the tourists and the refugees. The economic incentives of keeping tourists going is strong enough to not outright dismiss it. At the same time, something has to be done so that the economic incentives do not overwhelm the ability for the city and its residents to live a healthy life.

Barcelona and the battle with Over-Tourism

Barcelona and the battle with Over-Tourism

There is a saying that goes like this: “Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”. That’s a phrase to keep in mind with an industry like Tourism. In Tourism, there is no better sign of success than a continuous flow of visitors coming in and out to visit for vacation. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that higher ups in the Tourism industry continuously want to have people coming all the time. That’s good and all, but what happens when it gets to be too much? What happens when the number of people coming in to a certain place starts overflowing the place’s capacity to hold them? That specific problem is one the city of Barcelona is facing nowadays.

The truth is Europe as a continent has been at the forefront of criticism concerning over-tourism for a while now. Reports of an influx of visitors overflowing many of these countries’ capabilities to hold them and serve them without damaging the local environment and the quality of life of the residents has been a common complaint for some time. While this has been true to many of Europe’s countries, it has found a dangerous inflection point in the city of Barcelona, where you can find out about the rising tensions between local residents and incoming tourists, where the former complains about the latter overflowing the city to a breaking point. More people come into the city of Barcelona at any given day than they leave, which leaves its capacity to hold them almost explode at the seams.

There is no denying the appeal of Barcelona as a city of tourism. As the largest port in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the world’s most successful business travel places with its booming economy and growing investments, the city is ripe with opportunities for a great visit. But while all of that is good and all, the fact that it’s overflowing with tourists starts hurting the city itself and overtime can start affecting the growth the city has worked so hard to establish over the last few years. We mentioned before how the city has become a centerpiece for self-starting business entrepreneurs, and that wouldn’t have been made possible without the strides the city had made.

The tourism industry is a great attractor towards the city, but a lot of regulations and new approaches have to be taken into account before the same visitors that make the city a vibrant place to be start making it a city not worth visiting. Whether it is regulating places to stay and availability of lodging and keeping a strict control of that, something needs to be done in the city of Barcelona to keep its prestige up as a great place to visit. What’s happening at the moment can only serve to undermine the great city that Barcelona is.

Embracing the Digital Future

Embracing the Digital Future

The honest truth about the world we live in now is that it is impossible to be able to go by without engaging with any digital tool. The days of relying on the ways of old is not going to cut it if you refuse to adapt to the way the world connects with these days, especially in your professional career. Here are some ways to make the most use of your digital platforms:

Become Digitally Fluent

Most people in the world have this desire to learn something outside the norm. That tends to be exemplified by someone’s desire to explore the world by visiting foreign places/countries. Usually to prepare for that, people like to learn a different language to be able to adapt to their new environment. The digital environment created in social media is similar in that regard. Suddenly, the new rules of engagement have been created in this digital environment, and it is important for everyone, from high on top in companies to regular workers, to start learning the way to properly use these tools provided by social media. Learn what words create engagement in these environments. Learn what words not to use. The use of social media is not as simple as just saying what you want. Learning how to use it properly is almost a language in itself.

Be Willing to Experiment

 One big thing about the new age of social media is that it evolves so constantly in the span of months and days, it can be a little hard to keep up. But just as it evolves quickly, so it is important everyone keeps up with the evolutions. Sometimes those evolutions mean stepping outside a comfort zone usually occupied when you learn something that works effective at a moment. Considering the pace of evolution though, it is important to step outside the mindset of sticking to what works in the realm of digital platforms. Just as leaning on something can make someone or something seem modern at a time, it can easily make someone seem immediately outdated, too. As these evolutions in the different tools come, make sure you and everyone involved in using social media tools always take time to learn about the new things popping up. Being willing to experiment using these evolutions can be the key to stay relevant in this area.

Take advantage of information provided by the technology

 It can’t be understated how much information can be gathered by the use of this social media platforms. The amount of nuance you can learn about the way you engage with it, and how others engage with it, is something that wasn’t available before in the ways of old. Having all this information available now is something key to know how to adapt your use of these tools in the future. If you use social media for personal reasons, the information you can learn from how others interact with what you post can give you a solid idea of what to post to create better engagement with you and your audience.

If you use social media in the corporate environment, especially in the area of promotion, the analytical data you can learn from the things you promote will give you a great idea about what to post, when to post, how to post, and who to post. You can learn and infer so much with this information, so it is important you just don’t use the technology provided by the digital media platforms, but use the information provided to you to know how to improve your personal self or business in the eyes of others engaging with it. Using this info can be the key to develop growth opportunities going forward.

At C3S, we believe in learning everything current to always be up to date with state-of-the-art technology and current trends. All our students getting a degree with us will have knowledge and practice with the tools available to them to ensure they can go to the workplace with the most current knowledge of recent trends.

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Barcelona: The Breeding Ground for Entrepreneurship

Barcelona: The Breeding Ground for Entrepreneurship

Over the past couple of weeks, we have talked about how the city of Barcelona has so many different elements that makes it one of the best cities to work at. We’ve also mentioned its stature amongst big name cities, as well as how it’s known as one of Europe’s “Smart Cities”.

When you couple that with its growing business scene, its starts to become clear why the city of Barcelona is also a breeding ground for up and coming entrepreneurs.

The city of Barcelona provides the perfect environment to be a place of innovation. Businesses thrive in high spirit, and so many different factors help promote the city as a great place for entrepreneurs. There are so many start up projects happening in the city each day. Many people living in the city have a burning passion to pave the way for any sort of innovation they can come up with. When you combine that talent with the business network scene in Barcelona, which connects local and foreign investors and many business opportunities, it is no wonder why the city of Barcelona is known as the one of the most attractive European cities for investment and startups, showing a total of 39 venture capital funds, according to Ernst & Young.

Simply put, any up and coming entrepreneur will find something that will aid their goals in the city of Barcelona. Being able to connect with different entrepreneurs and business angels/investors at the different events the city holds throughout the year is a great way to get the ball rolling. Being able to connect with organizations like ACC1O, 22@Barcelona, Barcelona Activa and PYMEC, which are committed to the creation of new businesses and internationalization of new brands is another way where startups can find their up and coming businesses find the perfect to grow and succeed. Combine that with the way those same events provide huge investment forums to find highly coveted investors which would love to contribute to a startup, and the way most universities and business schools (including ours) help bridge a gap between young entrepreneurs and potential partners through internships, and you can start developing a picture of why Barcelona is a city with an entrepreneurial spirit.

At C3S, we want our students with entrepreneurial drives to find the perfect opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Through our strategic partnerships, we believe we have the tools necessary to connect our students with the right organizations and the right people to further their careers.

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Technological Advancement: Accelerators in the City of Barcelona

Technological Advancement: Accelerators in the City of Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is one which has shown a high propensity for growth. Just earlier this week we talked about how it was named one of the “Smart Cities” of the world. A city doesn’t earn that title without doing something right, and the city of Barcelona continues to always be one to pursue growth and innovation in many sectors.

One of the factors that has helped Barcelona consistently grow is its pursuit of technological advancements. The city over the past few years has been host to many important technology-based conventions, which have allowed a lot of start-up companies a chance to get into the spotlight and highlight their technological innovations and acquire heavy investments from foreign and local resources. The city of Barcelona has since become a proven breeding ground for technological revolutions thanks to investors in the city, something that will continue to keep growing as the years come along.

Technological advancements in the city of Barcelona wouldn’t be possible without the Tech Accelerators focused on helping these tech innovators secure the investment necessary to fulfill their ambitions. There are quite a few Accelerators in Barcelona to take notice of if seeking growth and investment. Companies like Startupbootcamp Internet of Things and Data & Conector have proven themselves worthy accelerators to get in bed with if a company in the technological advancement sector is seeking to grow in a healthy way.

Each of their companies have their own method to accelerate up and coming startups. Startupbootcamp Internet of Things and Data has made its name known for focusing its time and energy on startups who provide solution through data informatics, which the accelerator see as a way to create customized services for both customers and businesses. This focus they believe can allow a business to improve their effectiveness and create better satisfaction with their products. Conector, on the other hand, is an accelerator that targets startups in the technology business that are in the earliest stages of their development and puts them through a 6-month mentorship program that will train the company to choose successful entrepreneurs as well as private investors. This then leads to the creation of a board with members of both the company and Conector to oversee the company’s way forward.

If it weren’t for the existence of these accelerator interested in looking for start-up companies interested to innovate in the world of technology, the city of Barcelona wouldn’t be known as a breeding ground for technological innovations. Its reasons like this why even established companies like Microsoft and Amazon have set up shop in the city. They see the growth opportunity in the technology sector, and they are taking advantage of it.

At C3S, we want to incubate in our students a spark for innovation. Through our courses and through our partnerships, we believe we can set our graduates on a path for success, accessible in one of the best cities in the world to do so.

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Barcelona: One of the best cities to work

Barcelona: One of the best cities to work

Deciding where you will want to work can be a big decision in many areas of your life, whether for personal growth or long-term success. Many factors like cost of living and job opportunities can determine a lot of your ultimate decisions, so it is wise to pick a great city where you’ll be able to succeed.

Where C3S is located is for a really good reason: the city of Barcelona has grown over the last couple of years to be considered one of the best cities in the world to work at. This statement was made after a very thorough study made by the Boston Consulting Group and The Network, where many people consider Barcelona one of the best cities to work at, tied with the city of Berlin in Germany, and only beaten by the city of London in England, and New York City in the United States.

There are a couple of factors which have made Barcelona rank high as a great place to work. For one, thanks to its geographical location, many people like the idea of Mediterranean weather, thanks to Barcelona’s location directly to the Mediterranean Sea. For other people, a big selling point of the city is the unique culture mix of old and modern, where many of the architectural advancements made in the city are complemented by classical architecture from the 19th century. The richness in culture from the old and new can make for an interesting work environment for some. Add to this some major conveniences like the relative closeness of the city’s beaches (where many people could end a long day of work with a quick trip to the beach); the easy transportation from place to place where everything can be easily reached with a quick bike ride; the emerging business scene that shows an immense amount of growth and opportunity for great new ventures.

Mix all of this together, and you can see why the city of Barcelona is a great place to go work at.

If you need any more convincing of the growth of the city as a great place to work, look at this interesting fact: over the past six months in 2018, many big name corporations have deemed Barcelona a great place to open big company branches and technological centers. Companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon saw the growth opportunity of the city of Barcelona, and decided to establish themselves deeply in the city. Other companies like Lidl, Nestle and Allianz also saw the city’s worth and decided to establish themselves here. If this doesn’t tell you how many people see the opportunities of this city, we don’t know what else could convince you.

At C3S, we saw the great opportunity for growth in this city. We believe being established here can allow us to help all our prospective students to be connected with great business opportunities and have a chance for great success in the future. Through our comprehensive internship program, we can ensure our students will have a great foot forward in one of the best cities in the world to work at.

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The new face of Digital Marketing: The impact of the Internet influencer

The new face of Digital Marketing: The impact of the Internet influencer

Whether many people fully embrace it or not, the world has changed thanks to the rise of the internet. Old ways of thinking about marketing are outdated if there is no plan of including the internet as part of any campaign. The days of keeping marketing limited to billboards, newspapers and posters are just not going to lead to success as ways of consuming content have evolved thanks to the internet. For marketing campaigns to be successful, you either adapt to the new world, or risk fading into obscurity.

With that said, just putting a marketing campaign on the internet doesn’t guarantee the campaign will automatically be successful. The internet is wide and limitless in its reach, and there’s so much nuance with the different ways people like to consume information. Any successful marketing campaign needs to understand audience consumption habits in order to find the perfect niche that’ll lead to success on the internet, regardless of campaign focus. One of the ways some campaigns have found recent success has been by tapping into something that’s blown up recently and which attracts very specific audiences: the internet influencers.

Internet influencers have become probably one of the most prominent brands found on the internet these days. These influencers are people who have grown as internet personalities with either a small or big dedicated audience that understands and trusts the things the influencer says in their channel. Internet influencers are the people who have understood how to properly utilize platforms like YouTube and the various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to become more prolific, reach specific audiences and also establish a direct line of dialogue between themselves and the followers.

In a way, Internet influencers have become the most trusted “middle man” between a service/product and a potential customer. People who listen to a sales pitch from an actual company/organization trying to push something through their marketing are less likely to buy in to said product/services compared to if they hear about these same things from their favorite influencer.

Internet influencers for the most part are seen as someone who is transparent about the things they like/dislike, so when an audience hears from them something is worth their time and money, it’s more likely than not the audience will dive in.

 The impact of internet influencers is such it is not smart to not even include them as potential pieces of a marketing campaign. While there are still people that can be convinced of something through an ad in traditional media and social media, these days people need more convincing than just an ad, so internet influencers are a great way to circumvent this problem and strengthen the likelihood a marketing campaign can be most effective.

The level of trust and engagement most internet influencers have with their audiences is unlike most other things in the internet, so any company should be wise to find influencers with the most relevance, reach and resonance with a specific target audience that’s likely interested in something specific in order to maximize any marketing result.

Almost every industry these days (luxury, automobile, clothing, technology, etc.) is likely to have a couple internet influencers interested and championing the products they believe in and the ones they don’t. Ignoring the benefits of reaching out to them and make them a valuable source for any marketing push will be leaving a lot of potential money out.

At C3S, we understand the importance of adapting to the ever-changing landscape that is marketing. For anyone interested in pursuing this field and learning the ways to properly maximize results with the current techniques that make for successful marketing, we provide the courses and knowledge to take advantage of everything mentioned above, such as Executive Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media.

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The Business Scene in Barcelona

The Business Scene in Barcelona

One of the big reasons here at C3S we push very strongly towards business is due to the many great business opportunities available in the city. The city of Barcelona is a great gateway for future entrepreneurs to engage in many different ways to do business. Whereas it is in established companies, events or start up opportunities, the business scene in the city is a thriving one.

Go anywhere and look in every angle and direction, and there is a chance you’ll notice someone wearing a suit and tie, a suitcase, and with their phone in their hand. This image is emblematic of something very notable in the Barcelona: business is everywhere, it never stops, and it’s the city’s natural habitat. Because of this, Barcelona is high up there as one of the best places in Europe to come to if business is your goal, only trailing London for the title for “best”.

There are many different opportunities to connect to the business scene in Barcelona. For those interested in these kinds of events, there is something for any different kind of entrepreneur. For those interested in being their own boss and going the way of the start-up, you can go to events like Startup Digest, which provides a weekly newsletter that gives information of when different start-ups are going to meet. Networking is everything in business, and this is the right thing to pursue if you’re interested in this area of business.

Other great business connecting opportunities include Barcelona Connection, which is a business discussion group through LinkedIn and BIS Barcelona Internet Startups. For more general business events, Barcelona Yellow is a great organization which provides a useful calendar for the different business trade fairs and exhibitions that happen throughout the city in a given year. For those interested in doing business in the tech industry, you can also do some networking through the Barcelona Tech Network. If you want to still deal in the tech industry, TechCocktail hosts a couple of tech networking and industry events. And if you’re interested in the mobile market, Mobile World Centre does provide a couple of events for mobile startups.

In short, there are so many opportunities in Barcelona for everyone to connect to a different business in the different industries of someone’s liking. At C3S, throughout our partnership with World Wide Internships, we can ensure our students are able to connect with different business opportunities as they come to complete their higher education studies. This will make sure any student can get to experience the wide range of opportunities located in the city of Barcelona.

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