Privacy Policy

Dear member of CSSS Community,

CSSS is making some changes to ensure that you are fully informed about the data wecollect about you, why we collect that data and how you can control it.
By doing this, we make sure to continue complying with the RGPD, the new EU data protection legislation that will be applied on May 25, 2018.

Privacy Policy- Overview
We have updated our Privacy Policy. We recommend that you read it carefully so that you understand better how we treat your data.

Changes to the policy include:
• Changes to make the policy more clear and concise
• A summary of the data that is collected when you register or pay a visit
• Details about how we and our partners use this data
• Information on how you can access and control your data

The CSSS Privacy Policy outlines your data privacy rights on the platform and details our approach to managing your data. This policy (together with our Terms and Conditions and any other documents referred to within it) documents the personal data we collect from you, what we use that data for, and how you can control and access the data.
We have made revisions to our policy, effective 25th May 2018, to reflect the bestpractices as outlined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we seek to comply fully with all the conditions therein for both members and visitors.

This policy covers the following areas:
• Information we may collect from you
• How we use the data collected
• How to access and control your data
• Cookies
• Important privacy info
• Specific services
• Changes to privacy policy
• Contact

You can download the full version of our Privacy Policy here.


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