Internship Opportunities

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Barcelona is one of Europe’s major cities in business, education, media, fashion, and research, therefore doing an internship there is a wonderful opportunity for your career progression. It is the Iberian peninsula’s most significant economic and cultural centre. Barcelona is also Europe’s fourth-most-visited city.

Barcelona is the fourth richest city in the European Union, as well as the fourth finest business city in the continent. All of this makes Barcelona a particularly appealing location for global placements or internships in Spain.

Thousands of students from all around the world call this global hub home, where creativity and innovation collide. Apart from the numerous commercial options, Barcelona is an excellent place to start a career for a young professional. You’ll develop lifelong connections with other business school students from all around the world, gain professional skills that employers value, and get a taste of life in one of Europe’s most international cities through the internship.

Furthermore, we are linked with organisations such as “Worldwide Internships”, “ESPA”, and “iPractice Costa Brava” which allow students with an array of opportunities to choose from and to work and gain experience in a professional context while studying with us in Barcelona.

These testimonials from our students will give you a profound understanding of the internship opportunities.

C3S Business School has been home to myriad of leading organizations and to here are some to name a few


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