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How to succeed as an intern in Barcelona?

Internships are an awesome way to get a headstart in your career. The experience of...

Marketing Revolution 4.0 is here!

We barely had time to acclimate to marketing 3.0 (focused on values and individuals) after...

Vital Study Abroad Skills You Should Focus On!

What are the advantages of studying abroad?  Students will carry their study abroad skills and ...

Barcelona An innovation oriented European Tech hotspot in the making

Barcelona has quickly established itself as a leading European center for digital innovation and biomedical...

Why studying Information Technology could be a game changer?

In a world that is becoming increasingly defined by technology, the demand for employees who...

An insight to career prospects post Bachelors and Masters

Because of its flexibility in curriculum design and holistic approach to teaching, the Program appears...

C3S’s Undergraduate Business Program in Barcelona: All That You need to Know

Are you ready to take the initial steps toward a successful business career? Our Undergraduate...

Dear 2021 fledgling batch:

This fall we’re thrilled and cheerful to welcome on campus all the newly enrolled C3Sians...

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