Covid-19 Update:

Below are some of the safety precautions at our campus.

  • Daily Temperature Check
  • Hand Sanitization and Mask
  • Social Distancing in the Classes


Yes. There are different payment plans available for students depending on their needs.

Yes. There is a platform to pay fees and tuition online. You can make a payment through our website or through our bank details on a bank transfer.

Yes. Your tuition fee is refundable if your visa is denied. Please see the terms and conditions for a refund policy.

C3S Business School is a private institution and does not offer scholarships or financial aid.


Yes. Students have the opportunity to do a part-time internship while studying thanks to the flexible schedule provided to them during each semester. In addition, we are affiliated to different organizations such as “Worldwide Internships”, “ESPA” and “iPractice Costa Brava” which provides students the opportunity to work and experience a professional setting while they complete their studies with us in Barcelona.

Students will be able to apply to internships only if they are enrolled with us. This is why we encourage prospective students to finish their application process as soon as possible.

Students will be able to apply for paid internships.Through our partnership with “World-Wide Internships” “ESPA” and “iPractice Costa Brava” C3S Business School, enrolled Students and alumni will have full access to a full catalogue of paid/unpaid internships

Yes. At the moment, all of our students are currently working doing an internship.


Yes, it has a flexible schedule (The classes are three days a week Monday to Friday.)which allows you to enjoy life in Barcelona and also have the opportunity to apply for a part time internship.

All classes are taught in English.

Yes. Student life in Barcelona is very active since the city offers more than enough extracurricular activities. Some extracurricular activities we offer students include company visits, tourist visits, Barcelona Tour, Football matches, Lunch and others.

Enrolling to our programs is very easy. Once you have sent your information, a personalized admissions officer will be assigned to you. We are known for having a very fast application process which allows students to say the program they want to be a part of. The admission officer will take care of the rest.

Yes. We do accept transfer students under very specific conditions. Nevertheless, once you’re speaking with your admissions officer, they will guide you through the process of transferring and everything else.

In case you do not have the IELTS or TOEFL available, students must complete a credibility interview on zoom or skype to be assessed in their English language.

No. Students do not have to do an entrance exam in order to apply to our institution.

Current Students

Testimonials about our students can be found on our YouTube channel website or here.

Yes. You can talk to different students about their experience with us. Please mention this to your admissions officer.

We have students from many different countries in the world.


Depending on the country, visas may take four weeks, or they could take several weeks. This is why we advise students to fast track their application process to leave the necessary amount of time to process their visas

Your admissions officer will guide you through everything you need in order to apply for the visa. We also have different representatives around the world which also provide personalized help for visas to students, so we recommend you ask for their assistance.

Yes. If a student comes from outside of Europe, they need a visa to be able to study in Spain.


No. C3S does not have its own housing options. We have plenty of reliable sources and options for accommodation for students, from apartment agencies to dorms. We will provide the students the necessary tools to find housing accommodations that suits their needs. Once you have completed the admission process, your Admissions Officer will make sure to put you in contact with Accommodation Department. for more information click here 

This may vary depending on the student. We have calculated around €650-€700 per month which includes accommodation, food and travel, however, this is subject to change. You can check a more detailed explanation on this subject here.

City life: (but it's not going to be called city life)

Fortunately, Barcelona is a very international city where you can get around by speaking English. Nevertheless, we understand that students may need to develop basic Spanish while they’re here. We offer an option to students where they can learn Spanish while studying with us.

Campus Life/Location

The campus is located inCALLE LONDRES, 6, PORTA 9. The location is one of the wonderful things about our campus,which is just a minute away from Plaza Catalunya, minutes from Passeig de Gracia and Las Ramblas, about 15 min away from Barceloneta, and pretty much accessible to every type of public transportation. In addition, you will find plenty of restaurants and cafes, next to our campus. For more information about our campus, please check out our brochure here

Students have access to different tools like computers, free Wi-Fi and a very accessible campus for any type of transportation system in the city.

Classes are no more than 20 to 25 students. This allows students to have a one-on-one personalized experience with their professors and a more focused class that will provide them a better understanding of the material for their studies.