Why studying Information Technology could be a game changer?

In a world that is becoming increasingly defined by technology, the demand for employees who are knowledgeable about computer science has grown dramatically. Most of the technologies that have become so inextricably linked to our daily lives were formed in IT, and the more individuals who try to master the art of this discipline, the more advances in the world of technology can be seen and generated. 

With the rapid modernization and integration of technology into enterprises, every industry requires professionals who can assist them in bridging the gap between IT and business and innovating with IT  resources. 

If you’re thinking about going into this field but aren’t sure yet, here are  a few factors that might persuade you:

Diversity and Versatility 

If you thought that working in the field of information technology entails only using personal computers, you are mistaken. People who specialize in programming, database management, networking, and desktop administration are among the many work opportunities offered in the sector. The intricacy of IT extends to cutting-edge fields such as bioengineering, nanotech, and even machine learning & AI.  In summary, there are a number of alternatives in this sector, and if you’ve ever wanted to do something in this field, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll discover something that suits you. 

Making a global impact 

This may appear to be a bit exaggerated at first, but IT professionals are the ones who have come up with so many disruptive and revolutionary technologies. This is a sector that is always pushing the  boundaries of what is possible with technology, and you won’t find a  better career than this one if you want to be the one who delves into this domain and cracks the code for the next great thing in technology in the years to come. 

Plethora of Employment Opportunities 

If you’ve ever questioned if your chosen career path will lead to employment after earning a certificate or degree, IT is without a  doubt the profession with the most job chances in many regions of the  world. Even when other professions are diminishing in demand, IT is so important that it is always expanding and garnering career opportunities, especially in technological disciplines. It’s a job that not everyone can do until they know everything there is to know about it,  therefore acquiring a job in this sector with the expertise you will gain can lead to some fantastic opportunities with competitive pay scales. 

Usual employers 

Information systems graduates can find work in any organization that uses technology, which means the range and variety of businesses is broad. 

  • – The local and national government,  
  • – Secondary, further, and higher education,  
  • – National healthcare 
  • – Charities 
  • – and the media  

These are examples of employers in the not-for-profit and public sectors. 

Among the private-sector recruiters are: 

  • – IT consulting organizations 
  • – Software houses 
  • – IT service providers 
  • – And Telecom corporations are a few examples to quote. 

Employers in the IT sector include large corporations such as IBM,  Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle, as well as small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than five employees.

Some of the globally available career prospects in the field of IT are: 

  • – Data analyst 
  • – Data scientist 
  • – Database administrator 
  • – Information systems manager 
  • – IT consultant 
  • – IT technical support officer 
  • – Systems analyst 
  • – IT sales professional 
  • – Business analyst 
  • – Software developer 
  • – UI/UX designer 

Reason to study Information Technology at Barcelona – Barcelona an emerging Tech-Hub 

Catalonia has emerged as a prominent participant in bio- and medical technology. The number of corporations investing venture money exclusively in medical start-ups has surged twenty-fold in eight years, indicating its success. 

In the city’s vicinity, there are six scientific parks. Foreign corporations,  such as Amazon, operate R&D centers in the area. Barcelona’s attractiveness is also aided by its relatively inexpensive cost of living. 

Advanced Air Travel (AAM), a firm working on a prototype of a light and electrically driven air taxi for modern, urban mobility, is one example of an industrial start-up.

C3S Business School, Barcelona is one of those B-schools that embraces the changing pace in modernization and civilization, and as a result, we offer a BSc (Hons) Business Computing & Information  Systems program in collaboration with NCC Education and the  University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). Learners who complete this program will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to break into the fields of technology, computers, and programming. 

This program is pretty comparable to other business courses, and you’ll notice that they cover some of the same ground. The sole distinction is that it is more extensive due to the inclusion of Information  Technology elements in its curriculum. 

As a part of this program, you can be entitled to receiving assistance from the C3S Student support team for internship opportunities; a  variety of companies offer IT summer placements and internships. This work experience in a corporate setting can aid in the development of your commercial awareness, client management abilities, and ability to comprehend and convey the business benefits of IT. 

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Pooja Shah is more than a decade old in the education industry with roles ranging from Professor at a B-School to Foreign language facilitator in China to Content Strategist for an education giant. She is passionate about educating and inspiring the world with generic and specific topics relating to her industry with authentic and accurate information. She heads the Digital Content and Engagement department at C3S Business School.

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