An insight to career prospects post Bachelors and Masters

Because of its flexibility in curriculum design and holistic approach to teaching, the Program appears to be promising for all sectors of the economy. There is always a demand for an MBA grad with allied experience who will make a wonderful contribution to their workforce,  whether it is in Healthcare, Finance, Technology, Retail & FMCG,  Construction, Petroleum & Chemicals, Manufacturing & Production,  or any other industry. According to a recent global survey, 90% of the companies asked said they will hire MBA graduates in 2021. According to the recruiters’ survey study, the job market is expected to recover following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bachelors and Masters disciplines and the tailor made opportunities

Generally, all business school students have at least one or two years  of job experience, with many having as many as three to six years. As  a result, for the vast majority of candidates, after they graduate from 

business school with an MBA or any other Bachelor degree, the world  is their oyster. These newly minted graduate job searchers will most  likely be placed in the middle or high echelons of any company  hierarchy, with some even going on to create their own businesses.  Unless, of course, certain career switchers are expected to start from  the bottom/median levels in order to gain a better understanding of  the industry/firm, but will most likely be fast tracked into management  positions. 

Analysts and Associates are common entry-level positions in most  firms, with Managers, Senior Consultants, Team Heads, and other mid level positions following. Senior managerial/supervisory responsibilities  will be found at the top of an organizational structure. Depending on  the sort of company and industry, nomenclature and designations  may differ. Director, Principal Consultants, Vice Presidents, Divisional  Heads, CEO, CMO, CTO, COO, and other common designations in  which most MBA candidates may find themselves in the future are  listed below. 

General Management:  

Supervisory and executive positions may be available depending on  your previous degree and industry expertise. 

Deputy Manager, General Manager, Associate Consultant, Principal  Manager, Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and more titles are possible. 

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International Business Management/Global Business Management: 

Management Associate, Global Director, Regional Manager, Country  Manager, Zonal Supervisor, VP of International Relations, and others  are all possible titles. 

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Strategic Leadership & Management :

Director of Strategy, Directions Manager, Project Manager, Strategy  Consultant, VP of Strategy, and similar positions would be appropriate. 

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Finance & Accounting:  

MBA applicants will be able to work in a wide range of roles in the financial sector. Accounting Head, Audit & Tax Manager, Senior  Financial Analyst, Chief Financial Analyst, Chief Auditor, Director of  Finance, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Financial Controller, Financial  Consultant, Manager – Finance, and so on.

IT/Technology Management: 

IT Consultant, IT Manager, Technical Consultant, Project Manager IT,  VP of IT, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer  (CTO), and other positions are all possibilities. 

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Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, Growth  & Partnerships Director, Product Marketer, Product Manager, Brand  Manager, Account Manager, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Digital  Marketing Specialist, and others are just a few of the roles available. 

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Production/Operations Management, Supply Chain Management,  and Logistics Operations  

Analyst, Director of Production, Operations Manager, Director of  Purchase, VP of Logistics, Manufacturing Head, Supply Chain  Executive, Chief Operating Officer (COO), and others are examples of job titles. 

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