Barcelona An innovation oriented European Tech hotspot in the making

Barcelona has quickly established itself as a leading European center for digital innovation and biomedical technologies. Industrial technology, on the other hand, is the way of the future. 

Antonio Gaudi, Las Ramblas, and, of course, FC Barcelona are all associated with Barcelona. However, in recent years, the Catalan capital has emerged as a significant European innovation engine. 

Barcelona has a number of traits that are attracting more entrepreneurs and establishing the city as a European startup and innovation hub. Barcelona is likewise being touted as the future Silicon  Valley. 

Apart from the cheaper living costs, one of the reasons why businesses choose to relocate to Barcelona is the lifestyle. A peaceful afternoon drinking cava or beer at a neighborhood pub can help to balance off a long day of work and stress. You could believe that sunny days have nothing to do with the issue, but guess what? People are happier 

when they are outside in the sun; it enhances their enthusiasm and drives to do things, and everything is less stressful and friendlier.

Did you know that the city has an entire district dedicated to technology growth and innovation?

The 22@ Barcelona Innovation District has been turned from a former industrial area in Poblenou into an urban center of innovation and technology. 

The enormous construction zone, which spans the city’s whole southeastern quadrant, is intended to become a hub for innovative technology and commercial knowledge. The neighborhood draws startups, as well as co-working spaces and other services, to set up shop. 

It’s essentially a city inside a city, with the most cutting-edge businesses coexisting with research, training, and tech transfer organizations, as well as housing, amenities, and green spaces. Is there a better location to start your IT career than here? 

Although Barcelona is still in its infancy as a tech innovation hotspot when compared to the likes of Silicon Valley and London, there is no denying that it has a lot going for it. There are so many entrepreneurial movements and support systems being built that, entrepreneurs will soon be competing to be the first to get there.

According to a survey released last week in Catalan by Mobile World  Capital Barcelona, the northern Spanish area of Catalonia — and particularly Barcelona — has around 9,100 employments in the travel tech sector. In 2020, “travel tech” accounted for around 7% of all digital professional employment openings in the region despite the raging pandemic. 

For Travel Tech Startups, Barcelona has a lot to offer. 

Barcelona’s advantages include a strong tourism heritage, a sun-dappled position, and a low cost of living for digital workers. 

Tech occupations pay more than average in Catalonia, and travel tech jobs tend to pay better than the tech sector on average, as found in one of the survey reports by MW Capital. 

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