What Happens When We Embrace Diversity

The boon of diversity in education, particularly higher education, draws out far and wide —impacting students’ scholastic and societal experiences, also affecting their future. The constructive effects of diversity facilitate students to engage with people from varied races, ethnicities, and cultures and challenge the beliefs and perspectives they are accustomed to. This leads to better understanding, acceptance, and awareness of differing values and traditions.

At C3S, we have a diverse environment in terms of staff and students, and extremely inclusive culture; these values got us through the tough times. Diversity generated a better pedagogical approach, enhanced students’ satisfaction, healthier debates, superior outcomes, ever-evolving growth and success.



Studying in a multi-cultural environment brought a giant change in my perspectives towards people, cultures, and way of looking at things and situations. You tend to see the world differently and start to become more understanding and empathetic towards everyone in general.

Harry White

Diversity brought plethora of ideas, thought-provoking solutions to the real-world problems we discussed as case studies in class sessions. It gave a boost to our creativity and innovation drive.

Idris A

Social and intercultural learning was induced in form of field trips, cultural activities, focused group discussions, etc, thus we were able to adapt to the dominant culture of the business school, but the wealth of differences in needs, values, styles, etc, was efficiently leveraged to create synergy and a multicultural campus community.

Maria D'souza

It definitely helped us increase our cognitive abilities, become more flexible within our professional roles, communication styles and behaviors to make them fit as best as possible to the precise needs of every inimitable circumstance that we will be addressing in our work with diverse clientele.

Karan Vora

Our faculties and staff are not only well equipped with interpersonal skills, but are also zealous and compassionate enough to walk the extra mile. The guidance embraces Cosmo-Culture and Inclusion, all the while nurturing a study environment that allows us to mull over and have room for versatile experiences.

Jasmine Vergara

International students travel thousands of kilometers to complete study in a foreign land where they may not have any family or friends. This helps us develop strong coping mechanisms to succeed and sharpens our ability to thrive outside of our comfort zone which makes us incredibly resilient, and this is a skill that’s becoming more and more sought after in the corporate world

Chris Brown
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Pooja Shah is more than a decade old in the education industry with roles ranging from Professor at a B-School to Foreign language facilitator in China to Content Strategist for an education giant. She is passionate about educating and inspiring the world with generic and specific topics relating to her industry with authentic and accurate information. She heads the Digital Content and Engagement department at C3S Business School.

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