Which Learning Method is Better?

Over recent years, the methods of teaching have remarkably changed. The traditional style involved learning by rote. However, today learning has become more interactive. Nowadays, there are a variety of learning methods, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. While some students find assignment-based learning more comfortable, others find online classes easy, and yet others find self-learning effortless.

Assignment-based learning

The objective of assignment-based learning is to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills among the students. The method involves active learning which
entails knowing and doing.

Pros of Assignment Based Learning

Confronting Real World Problems

The idea behind assignment-based learning is to enable students confront real world problems through assignments.

Improves Interpersonal Skills

Assignment-based learning helps in developing interpersonal skills of the students. Compared to classroom-based learning, the former is far more complex form of learning where students need to involve their organizational skills.

Develops Creativity

Assignment-based learning fosters deeper understanding of the concepts than in traditional class-room learning, and improves in developing creativity among students.

Seamless Engagement
Assignment-based learning engages students to get over the boredom of normal lessons and common exercises.

Cons of Assignment-based Learning

In assignment-based learning there could be students who are slower learners and such students could feel left out in the learning process. In order to manage assignment-based learning, it would be best to have time bound assignments.

Online Learning

Online learning is an effective mode of learning which has become the new normal post-pandemic. All educational institutions, be it at the level of school or higher
institutions of learning, have adopted this style.

Pros of Online Learning

Offers Scope for Interaction

Live online classes offer the scope for interaction with students through chats and comments which make it more interactive and foster debates and discussions.

Advantage of Recording

Despite being real-time broadcast, the classes can be recorded and watched later. This mode offers students the chance to review the class. 


The technology that it involves might appear daunting, but online classes are easy to set up and get going. 

Cons of Online Learning

For many students it is not easy to focus on the screen for long because of the distraction social media and internet has. Another problem that students might 

confront, especially those staying in smaller town is Net connectivity. There is little interaction between students and no physical interaction which might give a sense of isolation. 


Self-learning is a method that a student applies to learn outside the classroom. A student has access to many resources but there is no one to monitor them. By
engaging in self-learning students are able to go beyond what their teachers or textbooks offer them to learn.

Pros of Self-Learning

An Effective Mode

When a student engages in studying a topic on his or her own, he or she is gaining an in-depth knowledge of the subject. It also gives him or her an opportunity to learn
more about what has been taught in a classroom.

An Uplifting Experience
Self-learning boosts a student’s self-esteem because he or she engages in more self study. A student pursues his or her studies independently.


Self-learning allows students to pick up a topic and learn at their own pace. This helps reduce stress that might creep in while attending the classes.

Practical Experience
Self-learning gives liberty to students to choose a topic of their interest, leading to more effective learning.

Cons of Self-learning
Self-learning has many advantages, but it has disadvantages too. There is lack of self discipline which might result in slow evolution of the learning process. Since there is
no face-to-face interaction, students might experience boredom. In the absence of an in-person tutor, there could be lack of motivation.

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