C3S’s Undergraduate Business Program in Barcelona: All That You need to Know

Are you ready to take the initial steps toward a successful business career? Our Undergraduate Business Program teaches you everything you need to know about business, management, and administration.

Read on to learn about the top reasons to enroll in our undergraduate program. There are compelling reasons to pursue a business degree at C3S.

For a variety of reasons, our Undergraduate Program is unlike any other.
This is why:

1. Develop a thorough understanding of business.

The Undergraduate Corporate Program at C3S prepares you for any type of management or leadership position in the business world.

Our degree in business administration

Our first-year L4 Diploma in Business lets you solidify your business foundations by studying case studies, current events, and completing practical activities.

You’ll learn about leadership, economics, marketing, and strategy fundamentals. You’ll also learn how to successfully analyze, problem-solve, and express your ideas — abilities that will serve you well throughout your career.

With creative and pragmatic assignments and work outside the classroom, our second-year L5 Diploma in Business will put your practical skills and imagination to the test.

You will build on your first-year knowledge and take charge of your own learning this year. You’ll also take part in coaching and personal development sessions to help you establish and showcase your personal brand, stand out in a competitive market, and enhance your career prospects.

BA (Hons) in Business Management (top-up) 3rd year is delivered online by London Graduate School and awarded by University of Chichester (UK).

These programs allow students to diversify and specialize before completing their bachelor’s degree requirements.

They allow students to learn and obtain experience in their chosen field just two years after graduating from high school, allowing them to jump right in and begin growing their career sooner.

This, in turn, aids pupils in standing out in a crowded global employment market.

Learn more about the specialization courses by clicking here.

2. Possibility of obtaining a UK accreditation

If you want to finish a third year, you can enter our UK Bachelor top-up program which leads to the completion and award of an official Bachelors in Business and Management from the United Kingdom.

You will have the option to take an extra 1-year specialized program in any of the prestigious universities in the UK in one of the following areas if you have completed the L4 and L5 Diplomas in Business Management with us:

  • BA (Hons) in Business Management
  • BA (Hons) Business Management and Entrepreneurship (top-up)
  • BA (Hons) Global Business (top-up)
  • BA (Hons) Business and Computer Studies (top-up)
  • BA (Hons) Business (top-up)

Learn more about our third-year UK option by clicking here.

3. Possibility of completing an internship

We understand the value of practical experience and internships early in your professional career. And what better time to begin than when you’re still in school?

We are dedicated to giving you a competitive advantage in the business world at C3S. To that aim, we provide a variety of chances for you to gain practical work experience in areas that are relevant to  your academic and professional goals.

Throughout your studies, you will have the opportunity to network with our extensive network of top global firms situated in Barcelona, many of which are eager to offer internships to our students.

Following completing their internships with these organizations, some of our students go on to work for them after graduation.

In addition, we have career consultants as a part of our student support team, who can talk with you about your professional aspirations and help you discover the greatest internships and job experiences.

4. A pragmatic approach to learning

Our top objective is to provide the greatest possible learning environment for our pupils. As a result, we teach using an Immersive Learning technique.

This method seeks to take the theory you’ve learned in class and apply  it to real-world applications.

You will be able to develop your own business-related projects that are focused on your own areas of interest. You collaborate with your peers to achieve a common goal.

You’ll gain important work skills like cooperation, teamwork, project management, and design thinking as a result of this.

Professors allow students complete autonomy, flexibility, and control over projects while still providing guidance and support.

5. We have a group of professors with a lot of industry experience.

Our international faculty hails from a variety of corporate – varied industries and sectors and cultural backgrounds around the world. They’re all specialists in their fields, with considerable scholarly, pedagogical, and professional experiences in a variety of fields. Their major goal is to share their expertise with you and to educate the future generation of business leaders.

If you want to start a career in business, apply online right now and get started on your learning path.

Visit our website for additional information on our programs.

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