Why Choose C3S for Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management?

Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management program at C3S Business School offers college graduates and hospitality professionals the opportunity to become successful leaders and managers while gaining practical knowledge in marketing, finance, strategy and other such areas.

A master’s degree can turn out to be helpful for a student or job-seeker to enhance their analytical skills, grow their ability to earn and have an in-depth knowledge about the industry, so that they can grow their professional network.

The program prepares students for work in hotels and resorts, airline travel and luxury cruise, food and beverages, entertainment manager, event planner, travel counsellor or in a parallel environment where people love to enjoy themselves on a vacation.

Students who go for a master’s degree, study business management, accounting and convention marketing, among other related fields.

The first 12 months of MA, called OTHM Diploma Level 7 in Tourism and Hospitality Management, is delivered by C3S Business School, and the degree is awarded by OTHM (UK) and C3S Business School.

The last six months of MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management (top-up) is delivered online by London Graduate School and awarded by University of Chichester (UK).

Student can go to the UK and study the final (top-up) year with one of the following University:
  • – University of Sunderland
  • – Coventry University
  • – Middlesex University
  • – BPP University
  • – Leeds Beckett University
Some of the career paths for a student or a professional in this field:

Hotels and Resorts: Working as a staff member in a hotel is one of the more obvious career choices in tourism management. Other areas where one can work with in a hotel other than as a hotel/resort manager is as a front desk clerk/receptionist, housekeeper or hotel accountant.

Airline Travel and Luxury Cruise:  As two of the largest tourism-related industries available, getting a degree in tourism management will allow you to become a part of an airline travel and luxury cruise in different leadership positions like operations management, logistics division, invoice and reservations.

Food and Beverage Services : A degree in tourism management can allow you to work in different food and beverage services around the world. Besides hotels or resorts, one can work at different special events enterprises as well as different restaurants and bars.

Entertainment Manager: If you picture yourself as being more of a tour guide in an amusement park like Disney World, a tourism management degree can allow you to be one.

Event Planner : Graduating from public relations is not the only degree that can qualify you from becoming an event planner. Working in the tourism and hospitality industry requires a similar level of event planning expertise.

Travel Counsellor: Maybe what you want is to properly guide different families to their dream vacation. Earning a degree in tourism management can properly equip you with the knowledge necessary to become a great travel counsellor.

C3S Business School provides different diploma levels of Tourism Management as well as a bachelor’s degree for those interested in experiencing this industry. Combining academics with hands-on experience from our internship programs through ‘worldwide Internships’, any student interested in the Tourism and Hospitality industry will be well equipped to work in it through us.

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