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The types of careers someone can pursue are many. However, some fit certain types of people better than others. While there are many careers that allows people to be a member of a big team (think of it as one more cog in the machine), there will be people aspiring for something bigger. Maybe, they want to lead instead of follow. They want to be the head and not the tail. For these types of people, the recommended career path to take would be a career in management. A career in management is pretty self-explanatory. People who are interested in being the one in charge of a group of people and lead the way in decision making and overseeing enterprises from a macro level should find themselves comfortable pursuing a career in this area. Being in management has many pros in its favor. For people who like prestige and great pay, being in management is a great way to achieve that. For people that love the idea of career growth paths within companies, being in management provides those avenues better than other places. For people with ambitions of change, strategy development and employee growth, a career in management delivers these things in spades. The value of people in high positions of management in many companies is a really high watermark to have as people grow within companies. Of course, being in management is not always smooth sailing. With all the pros available from being a manager, there are some challenges to consider too. By dealing in the macro level most of the time, a manager’s time will sometimes be barraged by lots of issues from various avenues, whether from employee’s input and outside sources. Being in a higher position than most peers, managers have to come to terms with the fact they’ll sometimes be alone dealing with many of the issues mentioned above, which may or may not be grating after a while. Because being a manager depends a lot on the performance on the people beneath doing the work, it will sometimes take a little bit of time to see results of projects delegated to others, which will become an exercise in patience and trust. Adding to it the fact there may be other managers at the same time gunning to grow within the company, margin of error will be high, so there is extra pressure for a manager to make sure all the pieces come together smoothly in projects, employee moral and results. If all those things (the pros and challenges) sounds appealing to you, C3S Business School offers various management degrees at various levels for people interested in pursuing a management degree in the city of Barcelona. At the Bachelor’s level we include programs in Business Management and Management in Tourism. At the Master’s level we also provide a program in the highly competitive industry of Healthcare Management. Through our programs, anyone interested in pursuing this career will be well equipped to tackle this with great success. For more information about our programs, click here.
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