First 6 things you will need to do after you land in Barcelona

It’s exciting for the student to make the decision to study abroad. Studying abroad and most importantly Barcelona, Spain – helps them to learn a new language, appreciate other cultures, and most helps them to overcome the challenges of living in another country and gain a better understanding of world culture. But there are few things you need to do on a prior basis when you land in Barcelona, Spain.

Here are Few Points you need to consider when you land here.

1. Book a cab Yes, the first thing you need to do is book a taxi, booking a taxi from the airport will help you to know the cost to reach your destination. You can book a taxi using applications like cabify and freenow. It will give you a good discount and maybe this is your first ride in Barcelona so there are exciting offers and discounts on your ride.

Here in the Below link, you can find Cabify android and iphone Application
– Android – Cabify Google play store
– Ios – Cabify en App Store

Here in the Below link, you can find Freenow android and iphone Application
– Ios – Free NOW IOS App store 
– AndroidFREE NOW (mytaxi) – Taxi, Cooltra motos, SHARE NOW – Aplicaciones en Google Play

2. Buying Metro Pass Now you are already in Barcelona and are curious to see the nearby places, visit the C3S Business School campus, and many more plans you have; you need to buy a metro pass to move around Barcelona safely and cost effectively.

For metro pass, if you are below 25 years you can have the best option of buying 3 months metro pass at 80 Euros, for one month 40 Euro and other single trips or 5 trips passes available you can buy as per convenience. You can use that pass in Metro, Ranfe, and All Buses.

3. Book your appointment for Empadronamiento. This document is free, you just need to go with your landlord or a signed document from the landlord will work for empadronamiento. As we have mentioned this is a free document so if someone asks you for the payment you don’t need to give them to either the landlord nor the agent. On the below link you can your appointment Proceso automático para la solicitud de cita previa

4. As you are near to your empadronamiento date a week before you can book your appointment for Fingerprints so as you are done with both the procedure. Then you will receive the letter from the Ajuntament de Barcelona about your residence permit that you need to carry with you wherever you go and move around in Spain.

5. After 45 days you need to book your appointment for collecting the TIE card
Proceso automático para la solicitud de cita previa

6. Now you need to apply for a Medical Card here. relacionades-targeta-sanitaria-individual-dades-personals/  With this medical card you can access all the medical facilities here.

We hope this information was useful to you and it helped you to get your basics done without any hassles. If you have any other queries, feel free to contact our student support team for barcelona on study visa, they will be glad to assist you for anything and everything under the umbrella.

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