Spain – The most sought-after choice for pursuing Tourism & Hospitality Management

Do you all know why Why Spain for pursuing tourism and hospitality management?

With its sunny environment, friendly inhabitants, miles of golden coastline, and renowned Mediterranean food, it’s no surprise that  Spain is becoming a more popular study destination, with over 60,000  students enrolling in educational institutions each year. (This is a pre COVID statistic.) 

Read below the content as to Why Spain and in particular Barcelona is the most sought-after choice for pursuing Tourism and Hospitality  Management. 

Learn in the heart of Mediterranean hospitality, tourist, and cruise hubs.

Despite the economic downturn, the hotel sector as a whole has  experienced an unparalleled increase in earnings in recent years. In  reality, Spain is the world’s second-highest earner in tourism, and  despite the epidemic, the city of Barcelona will welcome 13.95 million  visitors in 2020. ( 

When you study hospitality management, you’ll learn how to take  effective steps to maintain the highest levels of customer service in an  industry that spans everything from lodging to food and drinks, events,  cruise lines, and even amusement parks.

The Master’s in Tourism and Hospitality Management at C3S Business  School in Barcelona is a one-year, full-time program that lays the  groundwork for students to develop the dedicated skillset required to  pursue a career in hospitality management by providing assistance to an industry internship as part of the program. The Diploma Level 7 is awarded by OTHM (UK) and C3S Business School. Students can go to  the UK and study the final (top-up) year with one of the following  Universities: 

  • – University of Sunderland 
  • – Coventry University 
  • – Middlesex University 
  • – BPP University 
  • – Leeds Beckett University 

In case you are a high school pass out and want to study the  foundation course, then Bachelor’s in Tourism & Hospitality  Management offered by C3S Business School, Barcelona is a three  years full time program, where first two years – Level 4 & 5 will be  delivered by C3S Business School at Barcelona, Spain & awarded by  OTHM(UK) & C3S Business School; the (top-up) 3rd year is delivered online by London Graduate School and awarded by University of  Chichester (UK). Bachelor program also has the Pathway  Opportunities like Master’s for the final year (top-up).

Wander and explore across Spain and Europe

C3S Business School is located in the heart of Barcelona, with major  tourist attractions, amazing food joints, shopping, and a lot more. 

Barcelona is known for its architectural wonders that dominate the  streets and skyline – have you heard of La Sagrada Familia and Plaza  Catalunya? Or you can head straight to La Boqueria, the city’s largest  public market. 

It also has one of the most dominant soccer teams in the world  (Barcelona FC), more than 55 Michelin-starred restaurants, nine  UNESCO-protected sites, and the world’s greatest gourmet market,  according to USA Today. 

Daily flights from and to Barcelona make travelling to and from the  city and surrounding areas quite affordable and convenient. 

Competitive Fee structure & Affordable Cost of Living

Spain and Barcelona in particular boasts inexpensive living costs and  tuition fees when compared to other popular study places across the  world.  

Tuition fees start from €6000 per year for on-campus programs at C3S Business School and you can still avail of a UK degree staying at almost  1/3rd cost of living in the UK. 

A single room in a shared apartment within walking distance of the  C3S Business School campus costs roughly about €250 per month, with  other living expenditures ranging from €350-400 per month. 

C3S Business School also provides assistance for accommodation to all the enrolled students to help them rent the best yet affordable  place of living.

Enjoy the Mediterranean way of life.

The Spanish are as fond of a good party as they are of a nice sleep.  You may use this time to meet up with friends and family, or do  whatever else you like because the Spanish sun and lovely landscape provide an outdoor lifestyle that is difficult to resist. During vacations and on weekends, students of C3S Business School enhance their networking by grabbing a quick lunch by the sea, or for happy hour in the evenings, trying innovative cocktails and fine local wines and  interacting with the locals.

Opportunity to Learn Spanish language

Although all of the programs at C3S Business School are taught in  English, they also offer a FREE one-month basic Spanish language  course, since it never hurts to acquire a little Spanish jargon to make  your everyday interactions and life easier. 

With close to 550 million people speaking Spanish globally, learning the language will allow you to live more like a local and be more open to meeting new people, as well as enhance your intellect and confidence. It will be like a feather on the cap in your CV as well.

The Study Abroad experience will boost your CV.

The numerous advantages of studying abroad can help you in more ways than you may know. Studying abroad demonstrates to future employers your aptitude, confidence, and resilience in immersing oneself in a new culture and gaining a genuinely global perspective.

Barcelona is a very popular destination particularly among expatriates this is the opportunities in tourism and hospitality management here in Spain so Spain for pursuing tourism and hospitality management is good option for students who is looking face career in it.