How to earn while studying in Barcelona

It’s simpler than you think to find a student job in Barcelona. I’ve listed a few possibilities for you to consider right away in order to land in that dream job.   Become a member of sites that provide student jobs in Barcelona. Registering on platforms and websites is the simplest and possibly most effective approach to getting a job. Companies post their job openings here. These pages provide criteria that will help you narrow down the offers that are most relevant to your profile. Internships,  remote, part-time, and full-time positions are all available. Here are a few examples: If you want to work as a freelancer, though, explore these alternative options:

Examine the Public Employment Service's employment openings for students in Barcelona. ​

The State’s Public Employment System, or SEPE, is a self-governing agency that posts job openings on its Empléate website. Every day,  almost 40,000 registered firms post job openings in various fields on our platform. The services offered vary from information technology and telecommunications to administration. The hotel and tourism industries, of course.  SEPE has 759 offices spread over Spain. Therefore, you might also want  to visit one of its physical locations for free consultation. 

Boost your networking! ​

Networking has never been more powerful as it is now. Make the most  of the connections you’ve built at university and chat to everyone. If  you’re undertaking an internship, talk to your instructors, coworkers, or  supervisors. Check your contacts for any profiles that could be able to  assist you in finding a job in your region. Buy them a cup of coffee…  you never know what could happen! You may also check with your close pals who work. Inquire whether they are aware of any employment openings for you. They would gladly assist you in your search for a student job in Barcelona.

Send your curriculum vitae to the companies and stores that intrigue you. ​

Next, gather your confidence and go to the companies where you want to work. You may put your CV there while you wait for a job opening in your region. Many businesses applaud young people’s ideas.

Create a social media profile for yourself. ​

Use social media for more than just sharing your favorite moments with your pals. For example, on Facebook, you may add information about your education, qualifications, and previous employment to your profile. There are groups on this social network where numerous local businesses and stores post their specials. 

Open a LinkedIn account if you wish to become more specialized. This website allows you to share your experiences and publish material in order to gain greater exposure. Similarly, you will have access to fascinating career opportunities. Companies may start pursuing you instead of the other way around if you establish a compelling profile.

Student job boards in your educational institution in Barcelona ​

At C3S Business School, students have the opportunity to do a part-time Paid Internship in international and national corporations of high repute, as we are affiliated to different organizations such as  “Worldwide Internships”, “ESPA” and “iPractice Costa Brava” which provides students the opportunity to work and experience a  professional setting while they complete their studies with us in  Barcelona.   Check out the Paid Internships video
Our students currently studying Tourism & Hospitality Management  have been bestowed with the opportunity to hone their skills by  working with leading organizations of repute.   Apprenticeship not only helps to build your network but also your Net  worth. We feel overwhelmed when our students are received with utmost respect and pride by the corporate fraternity by the virtue of their immersive and pragmatic learning at C3S Business School as guided by our faculty team – veterans of the industries.

What to Look for When looking for a Student Job in Barcelona​

Students may wind up in jobs that they despise. Perhaps because of  a lack of expertise or a desire to get back to work as soon as feasible.  The worst thing is that these occupations deplete your vitality. 

You won’t be able to enjoy your stay in Barcelona if you don’t have  enough energy! Worse still, the position is unlikely to pay well. To avoid  this, it’s important to consider the following factors when applying for  student employment in Barcelona. 

Selection criteria for student jobs in Barcelona ​

Your motivation to work Whether it’s because you want to be more self-sufficient or because you need to pay your bills, you’ll need a job. Or perhaps you wish to extend your CV or get additional experience in your field. It will be easier for you to make decisions if you define why you are going to work.  

You have some spare time. Don’t you believe that if you work to earn enough money to travel, attend art classes, or enjoy the nightlife, you’ll need a job that allows you to accomplish these things? So, look for a career that allows you to have a lot of spare time

Compensation. If you work to save money, however, the preceding question is irrelevant. Then, even if your free time is limited, look for a job that pays well. 

It is critical to evaluate these three characteristics in order to choose your perfect career, one that matches your needs. Contact C3S  Student Team at  today for inquiries, we would be glad to help.

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