4 compelling reasons why a Master’s in Project Management is a smart move

Developing a particular set of abilities is required to advance your project  management profession. Effective project managers must be able to manage a  diverse workforce, interact with senior management, and keep project plans on  track—all while working in an increasingly digital and automated world. 

Earning certification from a reputable organization is a key step in proving  expertise and gaining a promotion or raise for mid-career project management  professionals. However, in today’s highly competitive employment market,  certification may not be enough to set you apart. That is why obtaining a master’s  degree in project management is critical for anybody looking to further their  career. 

Over the next decade, the project management industry is predicted to develop  significantly, making now an excellent time to upskill and meet demand.  Employers will need to fill about 2.2 million project-related jobs each year until  2027, according to the PMI. This requirement arises at a time when many project  management experts are retiring, resulting in a greater demand for early- or mid career individuals with the necessary skills and project management expertise.

Advantages of a Master's Degree in Project Management

In four ways, a Master in Project Management will help you enhance your career. 

  1. You’ll gain experience in project management in a real world situation.

Students at a high-quality master of project management program, such as C3S  Business School’s, will have many options for practical learning, such as co-ops or  internships, to get real-world experience and put their studies to work. 

Students gain information and skills via observation and experimenting in a  professional context as a result of these experiences. This is accomplished at C3S by giving students the opportunity to assist firms that would otherwise be unable  to do key activities such as cost estimates, scheduling, and quality assurance due  to a lack of resources. 

  1. You’ll understand important project management  patterns. 

The changing nature of how firms create and arrange teams is reflected in today’s  rising project management trends. 

This digitalization of the workforce necessitates new project management skills as  well. As tactical and repetitive operations like regular cost estimating become  more automated, these experts will be forced to rely on their soft talents to help 

a team function more effectively. This necessitates the development of a distinct  set of skills, including cognitive flexibility, analytical acumen, and resource  management efficiency, which can be acquired during studying the master’s  program. 

Leading a digital workforce also necessitates a greater understanding of cultural  factors. Project teams, like the firms that hire them, are becoming increasingly  global, with people based all over the world and reflecting a diverse range of  cultural backgrounds. 

  1. You’ll be better equipped for a position as a senior project  manager. 

Although a master’s degree in project management is not usually necessary for a  project manager position, it is becoming more frequent. According to a recent  research by Burning Glass Labor Insight, in addition to certification, 34% of project  management job advertisements prefer or need a graduate degree. 

Furthermore, a master’s degree can equip you to take on additional project  management responsibilities inside your firm, allowing you to boost your project  management earnings. For example, with a graduate degree, you could be able  to: 

  •  Take on the job of senior project manager – Promotion to a more senior  project management post is generally followed with a pay rise of at least  10%, according to a recent PMI study of project management professionals  in the United States. 
  •  Supervise a larger group – As project managers take on more responsibilities  such as supervising larger project teams, their pay rises. According to the  PMI, a project manager who manages a team of 20 or more employees  makes around 8% more than a project manager who manages a team of  10 to 14 individuals.  
  •  Administer a bigger project – The remuneration of the project manager in  charge of the project is influenced by the project’s total budget. Larger  projects usually have larger staff and are a higher priority for the company.  
  1. You can train for a project management position in a  specific area. 

The flexibility to pick a focus in the field that you already work in or would like to  transfer into is one feature that makes a master’s degree in project management  useful. Faculty members at top programs, such as C3S Business School’s, will have  hands-on experience working in a range of sectors and concentrations, which  they will be able to share with students as they begin this type of focused training. 

Students can pick from a variety of concentrations in the C3S Master’s in Project  Management degree to discover the choice that best suits their job interests and  aspirations. These are some of them:  

  •  Agile Project Management using Analytics 
  •  Leadership  
  •  Construction Management  
  •  Organizational Communication 
  •   Project Business Analysis
  •  Technical Project Management and Leadership
How to Select the Best Master's Degree Program for You

If you’re thinking about getting a Master’s Degree In Project Management, you  should weigh all of your options to select the program that best fits your personal  and professional objectives. Keep the following considerations in mind while  determining which program is best for you: 

• Are there any experiential learning opportunities in the curriculum that will  allow you to apply what you’ve learned? 
• Is there a focus in your preferred sector or field in the program, so you can  get the industry-specific information you’ll need to succeed? 
• Have any of the program’s instructors ever worked as a project manager in  the field? 
• Is there enough flexibility in the program to allow you to work while pursuing  your degree? 

Each of these elements defines C3S Business School’s Master in Project  Management program, which is accredited by UCAM University and is a popular  choice among project managers seeking to further their careers. 

For more information on how a Master’s Degree In Project Management may help  you progress your career, download our brochure by clicking on the link below.

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