Doctorate of Business Administration – A paradigm shift in employer choices!

“I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV,” an actor says in a serious tone in an old (and frequently quoted) cough syrup ad.

These fictitious qualifications are likely what provide credence to the product suggestion that follows.

However, life does not always follow in the footsteps of art. Credentials are important in the actual world.

The world is evolving and rapidly changing and a prediction of a V shaped macroeconomic curve has been anticipated by financial experts across the globe. Thus, employers are getting ready to adapt and respond to hasty decisions that lean on growth, stability, and a sustainable future.

This uncertain, turbulent, and cautiously hopeful macro-environment has undoubtedly increased the argument for pursuing a DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) program. As governments and societies work to update old educational systems and techniques, the organizational priorities and aspirations are also weighing significantly in restructuring and repositioning ‘on-the-job’ capabilities across all sectors of the business.

DBA or Ph.D. - the difficult question!

The DBA is comparable to a PhD (both confer the title of ‘Doctor’). But, instead of focusing only on autonomous academic study, a DBA typically includes additional learning and practical training.

A DBA is similar to an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) in certain ways. But DBA does entail more original research and analysis, which is then fed back into business, both in theory and in practice. Applicants are also more likely to be senior professionals (and often already hold an MBA).

Who should consider pursuing a DBA?

Senior executives and other business professionals with a track record in management and leadership roles should apply for the DBA program.

The Doctorate in Business Administration may be a good fit for you if:

• You’re a passionate senior manager looking to gain the knowledge and experience needed to advance to more senior positions.
• You are a trained professional looking to hone your skills and get fresh perspectives in order to establish new business models and strategies via additional study and analysis.
• You have an MBA or other executive degree and want to advance to the highest level of business and management qualification.

Career Opportunities after completing DBA

You become an inventive problem-solver capable of creating fresh information and ideas owing to your learning from Doctorate in Business Administration. It also provides access to opportunities in academia and scholarly research. Following their graduation, DBA graduates may explore the following new opportunities like:

• Entrepreneurial advisor.
• Chief operating officer
• Business strategist
• Senior management consultant
• In teaching and administration, as a subject matter expert
• Entrepreneur
• Contractor working for the government
• At the administrative, managerial, and executive levels in private and public businesses.

Because DBAs are less frequent, they help you stand out. Employers are drawn to those who have taken the effort to remain abeam of new ideas, concepts, and tools in order to obtain a deeper knowledge of the intricacies of modern business. Employers value DBAs because they provide the tools needed to drive a company ahead.

Extraordinary Compensation

The average annual salary for a Doctorate in Business Administration professional is £ 55,000 pounds according to PayScale. In comparison, the average MBA pay in the UK is roughly £ 43,000 per year. This indicates that the average salary for a DBA professional is more than 25% that of an MBA professional.

Doctor of Business Administration Online program is flexible.
The online DBA offered by C3S Business School which is a 24-months program, awarded by the Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR), Switzerland. There are two parts to the program – the coursework (Level 8 from Qualifi, UK) and the research. The coursework takes place during the first year. Courses are conducted online and in an intensive workshop-based model with webinars. Thus, you can acquire a degree while working full time and can accelerate your exponential growth by earning the degree.

Final thoughts

Employers are continuously reviving professional expectations for their future leadership think tank workgroups, taking into account powerful skill sets that will shape a space for embracing specialized deep thinking knowledge/ skills and make a significant contribution to action-oriented decisions. Thus, DBA.

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Pooja Shah is more than a decade old in the education industry with roles ranging from Professor at a B-School to Foreign language facilitator in China to Content Strategist for an education giant. She is passionate about educating and inspiring the world with generic and specific topics relating to her industry with authentic and accurate information. She heads the Digital Content and Engagement department at C3S Business School.

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