Diploma Programs

A New Beginning With a Diploma in Spain

If you are planning to broaden your knowledge and skills. These days, many people are planning to enroll in a diploma instead of a degree program. C3S business school is offering on campus & online diploma programs in Barcelona. You should plan on joining one of the courses to better your prospects and grab new opportunities.

We are offering a variety of diploma programs in Spain. You can pick a course that will best suit your requirement. Acquire the education and experience in the stream that you are planning to work. 

The options are endless once you complete the diploma course. Besides, gaining the skills and knowledge, you can also earn a lot when you complete one of the diploma programs in Spain. The diploma courses that we offer are affordable and will make you job-ready so that you can work in a field that you prefer once you complete the course. 

C3S business school is an international Business School, and we started our operations in 2014. We are accredited and registered under the Spanish Ministry of Education. Besides the Diploma programs in Barcelona, Spain, we also do offer our students a lot of other courses like corporate and MBA programs.

frequently asked questions


Yes. At the moment, all of our students are currently working doing an internship.

Yes. Students have the opportunity to do a part-time internship while studying thanks to the flexible schedule provided to them during each semester. In addition, we are affiliated to different organizations such as “Worldwide Internships” which provides students the opportunity to work and experience a professional setting while they complete their studies with us in Barcelona.

Students will be able to apply for paid internships.Through our partnership with “World-Wide Internships” C3S Business School, enrolled Students and alumni will have full access to a full catalogue of paid/unpaid internships


Yes. Students have a flexible schedule which allows them to enjoy life in Barcelona and also have the opportunity to apply to a part time internship.

Yes. Student life in Barcelona is very active since the city offers more than enough extracurricular activities.Some of the extracurricular activities we offer students include company visits, tourist visits and others.

Enrolling to our programs it’s very easy. Once you have sent your information, a personalized admissions officer will be assigned to you. We are known for having a very fast application process which allows students to say the program they want to be a part of. The admission officer will take care of the rest.