What can you find in the 3 KMS radar of our Barcelona campus

Once you land in Barcelona, you will want to search for everything that is nearby to the campus. Be it restaurants and food joints or shopping streets and malls or accommodation or essentials, say concierge. But finding all this under one roof could have been a task but no more, since this blog gives you first hand information of everything that is happening and located around the 3 KMS radar of our campus.

Let’s get started with the best thing on planet Earth - FOOOOD!

There are different kinds of cuisine restaurants located around the campus, one can easily find within 5- 10 mins walk from the campus. 

Some of such nearby restaurants of walkable distance are: 

Smash House Burger 

Rasoi Restaurant 

– Cocina Hermanos Torres 

– Sushi 

– Disfrutar 

– Medio o pinto restaurante.

Do check out these food joints, click pictures and do not forget to tag us when you post them on the ‘gram. 🙂 


There are several websites where you can find the shared flats for rentwhich are nearby to the campus area. Free-Hostels.com (Calle Londres 20Barcelona ; 200 meters from campus) was also one of the accommodationplaces students generally talk about, you can go and have a feelcheck.Below mentioned are some of the website urls which could beextremelyhelpful.

– Idealista.com 

– Spotahome.com 

– Habitaclia.com

– Apartmentbarcelona.com


Metro: L5 – ENTENCA (BLUE LINE). Nearest Metro station is ENTENCA.

Bus: H8, 27, D40, N0, V9 – JOSEP TARRADELLAS-VILADOMAT (bus station) 54, N3 – LONDRES-CALABRIA (bus station) 



L’illa Diagonal shopping centre offers 170 shops, bars and restaurants in its 35,000 m2 area for you to enjoy the best fashion, food and activities of the city of Barcelona. 


Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 557, 08029 Barcelona 

How Far from campus: 7 mins by BUS- V9, 11mins by bus- 59.

Essentials - Pharmacy store, Hospital/Clinic, Convenience store (C store):

– In 2 minutes’ walk we have a general Pharmacy store. Many other pharmacy stores are in proximity so in case you’re down with cough and cold or headaches and backaches (although we wish it never happens to you :D). 

– Government Emergency Hospitals are within 30mins by bus number 59 (direct bus from campus). 

– Convenience stores can be easily found in the centre of Barcelona, and that’s exactly where our campus is located too (10- 15 mins by train or bus from campus).

Apart from this handy information, if there’s anything that you need assistance for or support from, then our student support team is 24*7 available for all C3Sians. And the beauty of this B-School is that we take care of our students like they are family. All those who are part of this bigggg family, will vouch for it, totally.

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