The Business Scene in Barcelona

One of the big reasons here at C3S Business School, Barcelona we push very strongly towards business is due to the many great business opportunities available in the city. The city of Barcelona is a great gateway for future entrepreneurs to engage in many different ways to do business. Whereas it is in established companies, events or start up opportunities, the business scene in the city is a thriving one.

Go anywhere and look in every angle and direction, and there is a chance you’ll notice someone wearing a suit and tie, a suitcase, and with their phone in their hand. This image is emblematic of something very notable in the Barcelona: business is everywhere, it never stops, and it’s the city’s natural habitat. Because of this, Barcelona is high up there as one of the best places in Europe to come to if business is your goal, only trailing London for the title for “best”.

There are many different opportunities to connect to the business scene in Barcelona. For those interested in these kinds of events, there is something for any different kind of entrepreneur. For those interested in being their own boss and going the way of the start-up, you can go to events like Startup Digest, which provides a weekly newsletter that gives information of when different start-ups are going to meet. Networking is everything in business, and this is the right thing to pursue if you’re interested in this area of business.

Other great business connecting opportunities include Barcelona Connection, which is a business discussion group through LinkedIn and BIS Barcelona Internet Startups. For more general business events, Barcelona Yellow is a great organization which provides a useful calendar for the different business trade fairs and exhibitions that happen throughout the city in a given year. For those interested in doing business in the tech industry, you can also do some networking through the Barcelona Tech Network. If you want to still deal in the tech industry, TechCocktail hosts a couple of tech networking and industry events. And if you’re interested in the mobile market, Mobile World Centre does provide a couple of events for mobile startups.

In short, there are so many opportunities in Barcelona for everyone to connect to a different business in the different industries of someone’s liking. At C3S, throughout our partnership with World Wide Internships, we can ensure our students are able to connect with different business opportunities as they come to complete their higher education studies. This will make sure any student can get to experience the wide range of opportunities located in the city of Barcelona.

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