Reasons an English Speaker Should Learn Spanish

Even though the English language is the most widely known and most widely used language in the world, the truth is that even for native speakers, the reason to learn an extra language like say, Spanish, outweighs any reason not to learn it. The world is becoming increasingly more connected and increasingly more diverse, it is almost a fool’s errand to not actively seek to learn a new language

Spanish, next to English, is the second most common language in the world, and also one of relatively easier ones to learn. Here are some of the reasons why you should learn Spanish as an English speaker:

Open your World to New Job Opportunities

Nowadays, when someone is looking for a new job, you will find that prospective employees have a higher and better chance to be hired if they have knowledge of a language other than their own. The reasons for that are pretty obvious: the world is changing. The countries in the world that deal in business are no longer living in isolation. These countries deal in business by networking and connecting with other countries; countries we may add, that may speak completely different language. Companies want to strengthen their hiring practices by bringing people with multiple language knowledge, so it will be highly beneficial for your future career prospects to know an extra language or two. Spanish and English speakers tend to be the most common that get hired in these instances. The doors it opens are significant enough for you to ignore that.

Give a Mental Boost to Your Brain

Just like knowing a new language can be of great benefit to your career, so can it be a great benefit to your own self, particularly your brain. The way learning a new language can help your mind, especially the way it can help with the way you do your thought process, can be something of great benefit to yourself. By learning a new language, it can help with memory improvement, it can help you with your attention span and it can help reduce risk of age-related cognitive decline.

Become more aware of your culture and others

One great advantage of being in the process of learning a language is how it heightens your cultural sensitivities not only of other cultures, but your own. Learning a language can be of great benefit to serve as a door to a different culture, making you better understand a different society from yours. Once you start understanding a different society, you can start looking at your own culture with a refreshed perspective, where you can get now an outsider’s perspective on your own culture and notice what works and what doesn’t. Understanding cultures with a heightened sense of cultural sensitivity can enrich your knowledge of everything around you.


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