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€2,000 / €3,000 /€3,600

The English Program is the perfect complement for any C3S degree. C3SBusines School is an English-speaking business school, therefore, all classes, assignments, exams, lectures and final dissertation are carried out in English. If you do not meet our English requirements, this specialized Trinity accredited programs will help you improve your language skills to prepare you for your chosen degree. The English language programs are flexible and offered in a 3 modality degree plan. 3 Month Foundation, 6 Month Intermediate, 9 Month Advanced.

The English language courses at C3S Business School are customised to meet the individual and corporate needs for English language proficiency skills. Everyone seeking for global competitiveness through excellent communication prowess, breaking the language barrier to expression of great ideas in marketing and customer service can join the winning and leading team in ESL package at C3SBusiness School.


  1. Flexible program
  2. Guidance on self-study online platform
  3. Access to Trinity College examination
  4. Use of Study Centre and books / DVD libraries
  5. School based social activities – including some sports and parties

C3S Business School actively engage students in Communicative use of language guided and learning materials provided by Trinity College London curriculum, carefully structured with mix of activities aimed at developing learners competencies in speaking, writing, listening and reading target language skills. These of activity are dependent on the level of the syllabus and therefore the class.

The main teaching and learning methods at C3S includes classroom lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical learning, field trips, projects, and learning through research. It involves a greater emphasis on self-directed study. You’ll be expected to think and study independently, conduct more extensive background reading and bring your ideas to seminars and tutorials for discussion and debate.


  • Reading & Writing (2 Hour Exam)
  • 2 Reading tasks – Long reading/Multi-text reading
  • 1 x Reading into writing
  • 1 x Extended writing
  • Speaking & Listening (13 Minute Exam)
  • 2 x Speaking tasks
  • 1 x Topic discussion task
  • 1 x Conversation task
  • 2 x Independent listening tasks


  • Reading & Writing (2 Hour Exam)
  • 2 x Reading tasks
  • 1 x Reading into writing task
  • 1 x Writing task
  • Speaking & Listening (18 Minute Exam)
  • 1 x Topic task
  • 1 x Conversation task
  • 2 x Listening tasks


  • Reading & Writing (2 Hour Exam)
  • 2 x Reading tasks – Long reading/Multi-text reading
  • 1 x Reading into writing
  • 1 x Extended writing
  • Speaking & Listening (20 minute Exam)
  • 3 x Speaking tasks
  • Topic discussion task
  • Collaborative task
  • Conversation task
  • 1 x Independent listening task
  1. Three year working experience, considering internships (learners must check with the delivery centre regarding this experience prior to registering for the programme)
  2. Learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course
  3. For more information get in touch with C3S Business School.

*Payment instalment plans are available. Please contact C3S’s Administration Department for further details

Application fee : Non-refundable, paid with application : 300 EUROS.

Tuition fees : 2,000 EUROS/3,000 EUROS/3,600 EUROS.

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Trinity College