Proven tips to land with the premium internships

Evaluate your goals and objectives Ponder upon what you’d love to pursue in future. Internship will be the stepping stone to your career built-up and the first to show up in your CV. Think through and decide what you’re passionate about, and if you want to take that up professionally, and, after that, explore related opportunities.

Guided assistance The easiest way to get a good internship is by the assistance provided by C3S Business School. Every year, more than 85% of our students are placed in renowned organizations of repute, which in-turn offer them final placement opportunities based on students’ performance during internship.

Make a checklist Research about the companies examine how they treat their employees, their business policy, vision, mission, which industry they cater to, what can you learn from them…then make a checklist and tick off your preferences.

Curriculum Vitae & Cover Letter Excellent presentation is half battle won. Ensure that your CV is updated and you have a cover letter that expresses your avidity to work for the company.

Pay heed to your social network Your digital print is one of the first scrutinized areas by the company HR. You should maintain a profile that resonates with your traits
and skills. Maintaining fair share of difference between your personal and professional social image could be a boon.

Grab the summer sun The summer time is for holidays and therefore companies look for interns as their employees go on a break. You can make most of this time
and stay vigilant to the best opportunities enfolding.

Starting with a potent and enriching experience can prove to be transformational for your corporate career. Pen down and begin to grow!

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