Most useful apps for living in Barcelona -Download them for free!

Instantly boost yourself with these inevitable and must download free Apps in Barcelona. Technology is the need of the hour, and if it can make your life easier and smoother then we must embrace it fully. Being an international student, you are already struggling with a lot, thus these apps – making your life blissful. These apps are either trending in Barcelona, based in there, or both. From language to food to shopping to travelling to exploring to sending money to meeting new people, we’ve covered it all.

tmb App logo

TMB -This is the first must have app, as it is managed by the Local  Administration; it will give you details about the metro line, buses, their  operating hours, route information, live insights on departure and arrival, etc.  It makes commuting way easier. 

Download from App Store | Download from Google Play

glovo App

GLOVO – Anything. Anywhere. It is one of the trending and highly successful  start-ups in Barcelona. So basically, the concept is to get nearly any product  delivered in close to 60 minutes. It might prove to be your savior on lazy days.

 Download from App Store | Download from Google Play

WALLAPOP – It is a virtual flea market, a one-of-a-kind app in Barcelona. This  app will allow you to buy and sell items in the neighborhood and around. Their  goal is to promote ecological local trade. Thus, you get things at very  affordable prices. Selling your used stuff if you want to head somewhere else,  will also be easy.

 Download from App Store | Download from Google Play

Verse App

VERSE – If you want to send or receive money, or split your payments, Verse  should be your ‘go to’ app. It’s convenient, plus there are no transaction costs  involved. Just add your credit card (check for compatibility) to it, and you’re  done. Try it, you will like it.

 Download from App Store | Download from Google Play


TOO GOOD TO GO – A lot of local stores throw away surplus food at the end of  the day – the food that is in perfect condition to consume. This app allows you to  buy these excess food items at a very discounted price.

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FOUR SQUARE – It’s an app by the users, for the users relating to food items  and their popular places of being served. From tapas to sangria to vermouth  to local cuisines to everything rated good or bad by the users, shared actual  photos of the places, all in all this makes it an authentic food guide of the  city.

Download from App Store | Download from Google Play


DUOLINGO – It is one of the best language learning app. It can help you to learn  Spanish or Catalan or both in tiny sessions. It will get you started with learning  fundamental words to communicate in the city, also learning some daily and  polishing it by interacting with locals.

Download from App Store | Download from Google Play


IBEACH – As the name itself suggests, it’s a one stop provider for information  related to all the beaches of the city – temperature, high tides, low tides, also  the presence of Jellyfish (no kidding). You can explore new beaches on this  app, it will also inform you about public amenities nearby any beach that you  search for. This app will never stop surprising you.

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IDEALISTA – The burning problem of finding rental spaces – apartments,  condos, etc. Can be solved by downloading this app. You can find spaces to  crash with affordable rentals and also enjoy co-living.

Download from App Store | Download from Google Play

CORNER JOB – Minimalistic design, great UI/UX, simplistic process, has made it  a favorite of all job seekers and employers. If you’re looking for an opportunity,  you will find it here.

Download from Google Play

Some other trending Apps are Free Now, Internations, CityMapper, JiTT Barcelona smart city guide.

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