Diary Of A Student In Barcelona On Time Management

Barcelona is a great place and certainly one of the best for students eyeing for an international college experience. You have the most amazing weather, people, food, destination, and stuff to enjoy your time while studying in Barcelona. And, every day has something new to offer which is something not many can boast about. What I’ve come to realize throughout my time studying here, is that there is too much to explore, experience, and enjoy in Barcelona. While all of it is fun and super amazing, there are times when I’ve regretted my decisions. The decision to not be more vigilant about my time spent on certain things. Whether I should stick to my studying schedule or go out to yet another phenomenal place and consume the eccentricity of Barcelona. Glad I followed these time management tips for students to create a balance between my work life.

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This lack of time management skills has certainly harmed my overall ability to cope up with things. However, with time and the addition of some useful skills, I’ve started working on myself and been able to study more effectively while also enjoying my time in Barcelona. There are certain tips and tricks that I’ve started including in my daily schedule and these tips have been super successful for me and my studies.

All of it led me to jot down this diary of a student in Barcelona on time management which will be of great help to my fellow friends on the Internet. I’ve gone through some effective and efficient time management tips that I’ve incorporated into my daily routine and that has worked to turn me into a more efficient and productive person.

1. Create A Calendar – Time Management Tips For Students

Start thinking of your time as an adult running a multi corporation, this means, every hour and day holds a significant value to you and hence should be treated accordingly, so, how to plan study time table?. The first step to this thinking is to create a calendar, there are plenty of options to choose from, both online and offline, though an online planner/calendar linked to your email address is both easier and convenient to adjust to. The best thing, you can treat your calendar on both a daily and hourly basis, providing a better picture of what needs to be done by when.

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2. Set Your Commitments

The biggest and most important task in this diary of a student in Barcelona on time management tips for students is to be aware of your commitments and take time out for more important things. From exams to birthdays and assignments, jot down every important task or event you’ve to attend. You can either go for it on yearly basis, or monthly, or even weekly. Planning for commitments on monthly basis is much better for students, as assignments and exams are expanded over a week, hence, a monthly plan works best.

Add these commitments and tasks to your calendar to not miss out on any of the important tasks. Also, do note, never clutter your calendar to the brim. You need to be aware of what is important and what is not, plus, segregating and denoting every hour of your day to something or the other is a recipe for sure shot burnout and no one wants to experience it, hence, be more mindful of your calendar updates.

3. Make Study Goals – Time Management Tips For Students

You can never achieve anything in life, until and unless you know what the end goal is. Whether it is about maintaining a certain grade, or scoring a minimum of this score, or finishing your assignment, one needs to be aware of what they want to achieve and give it a set timeline, or else we are left on a long road with no end destination or time to it.

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4. Away Time From Social Media

Social media is a great place to be connected with your friends, family and world, however, it is taking away one of the most precious things that we have, and that is time. More often than not, we have notifications popping up on our smartphones that are only taking our attention away from important things. Hence, do make sure to keep your phone and social media away while studying, so that you can devote 100% attention to your tasks and not get distracted in any which way.

Less Time On Social Media | Time Management Tips For International Students

5. Journal On Regular Basis – Time Management Tips For Students

Another great piece of advice on this diary of a student in Barcelona on time management is to keep a journal and update it regularly. Fixate a time out of your daily schedule to journaling, ideally before bed, and start penning your thoughts and day onto it. Trust me, when you are on your own in a foreign country enjoying the best years of your life, you need to have something to look back to. You need to commemorate the day and time and what you felt at that moment to reminisce on it, in the future. Moreover, your future self will surely be thankful to you for penning down the beauty of Barcelona.

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These were some of the most effective time management tips for students from my end for the students in Barcelona on time management that has been of great help to me and my studying while being away from home. In the midst of all this, do make sure to enjoy your time in Barcelona and manage your time for it too. After all, not everyone gets the opportunity to be in one of the best places to study abroad.