Steps in creating a European Styled CV

Are you interested in working or studying in any of the EU countries? If you answered yes, you must learn how to write a CV in the European style for your application.

In different nations, a CV will have similar meaning and demand the same details, but the writing style varies. There is a specific type of CV writing that is appropriate in Europe. However, your CV should normally highlight your talents and abilities. It should also be simple to comprehend.

We’ve compiled everything you need to learn on how to create a European-style CV in this blog. We’ve also included a sample of the same to help you write your own.

What is a European style CV?

A European Style CV is a document containing vital information about education and work experience used by applicants in most European nations when applying for studies and jobs. Until recently, the accepted format was Europass (a standardized CV format produced
by the European Commission). However, a European-style CV is now the greatest way to increase your employment chances.

Why European styled CV is better than Europass

• Europass is a one-page document with an auto-formatted information framework for job experience, certifications, and abilities.

• It forces you to fill up your information in accordance with the Europass priority system. And these priorities don’t always correspond to what the recruiter wants.

• In the United Kingdom, the Europass CV isn’t widely used.

• Europass CV features an ineffective structure that prevents you from controlling your CV.

Steps to making a European Style CV

Keep in mind that your CV is your first impression on your company,  therefore it should be impressive and memorable.  

How to write a CV in the European style is outlined below.

  1. Include your professional photograph as well as your email address. 
  2. State the language(s) in which you are fluent. 
  3. State your country of origin. 
  4. Elaborate on your Experience. 
  5. Make a list of your experiences in reverse chronological order. 
  6. Review and Revise (if needed). 

Formatting Style: 

Font styles: Century Gothic, Arial, Times New Roman,

Tahoma Font size: 12 points 

Line spacing: 1.5

Sample CV

If you want to work in Europe, you should either follow these  instructions for writing a European-style CV or utilize the format  offered in this blog.  

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