Upcoming festivals in Spain in 2022

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‘Mi casa es su casa’ perfectly encapsulates Spain’s colourful culture as well as its friendly hospitality. The country and its folks certainly know how to celebrate, from living in the major moments to appreciating the tiny ones. If you share this sentiment or would like to share it with others, all you have to do now is add these Spanish celebrations to your wish list and make plans to attend them all this year. Take a look at these upcoming festivals that have caught the world by storm and are held in Spain.
1. Patios Festival in Cordoba
Patios Festival in Cordoba

Where: Cordoba, Spain
When: 3rd to 15th May, 2022
The owners of the most stunning patios open them up for the public viewing during this festival. This colourful fair attracts a considerable number of tourists.
Around this time, nature lovers will be in heaven in Cordoba. Local residents have been taking such good care of their patios since the first patios fiesta in 1918.

2. Feria Del Caballo (Horse Fair)
Feria Del Caballo (Horse Fair)

Where: Feria del Caballo in Jerez
When: 07 May – 14 May, 2022
The Horse Fair in Jerez is one of the most important festivals in Spain in May, with cheerful festivities, flamenco acts, Andalusian delicacies, and a large number of horses.

A celebration that is entirely dedicated to different horse breeds.  When visiting the fair, don’t forget to try some scrumptious tapas! 

3. Sonar Barcelona

Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: 16 June – 18 June, 2022
Sonar Barcelona, one of Spain’s most anticipated music festivals, attracts visitors from all over the world. Locals and visitors alike can see their favourite DJs and performers up close and personal at this Music Festival.

Sonar Barcelona
4. Saint John’s Eve

Where: Galicia, Spain (and other places in Spain
too) When: 23rd June
The commencement of summer is marked by Saint John’s Eve. This celebration is all about having fun with fire, whether it’s in the shape of campfires or fireworks! People leap over the fire and jump for ‘good luck,’ according to tradition.

4. Saint John’s Eve
Saint John’s Eve

Where: Galicia, Spain (and other places in Spain
too) When: 23rd June
The commencement of summer is marked by Saint John’s Eve. This celebration is all about having fun with fire, whether it’s in the shape of campfires or fireworks! People leap over the fire and jump for ‘good luck,’ according to tradition.

5. Boloencierro

Where: Mataelpino, Madrid, Spain
When: Not announced yet.
This is a modern take on the traditional “Running with The Bulls” celebration. Boloencierro is one of the most important festivals in Spain in 2022. It’s one of Spain’s most well-known festivals, following Tomatina.

An enormous ball weighing 150 kilograms and measuring 3 metres in  diameter replaced the bulls in the celebration. You’ll be running in front  of this rolling ball rather than being chased by bulls. 

6. Pamplona Bull Run (San Fermin)

Where: Pamplona, Spain
When: 6 July – 14 July, 2022
This iconic bullfighting celebration in Spain, also known as the running of the bulls, starts at 8 a.m. every day and invites the bravest and most courageous individuals to sprint ahead of a herd of enraged bulls.

Even if you aren’t a daredevil, make a point of visiting the city to see this mind-boggling sight that will leave you speechless!

Pamplona Bull Run (San Fermin)
7. Benicassim Festival
Benicassim Festival

Where: Benicàssim near Valencia, Spain
When: 14 July — 17 July, 2022
Benicassim is a four-day festival that everyone should attend at least once in their lifetime.

This Spanish music festival, held in Benicassim on the east coast of Spain between Valencia and Barcelona, features all of the most popular bands and performers.

8. Semana Grande

Where: Bilbao, Spain
When: August, 2022
This celebration, commonly known as Aste Nagusis, takes place in August and lasts for nine days. Attending Semana Grande allows you to participate in a variety of fairs, concerts, and theatrical events.

There are also firework competitions at this fun festival. A massive statue of La Marijaia, the Semana Grande’s mascot, is built to float down the river and set on fire.

9. Feria De Málaga

Where: Malaga, Spain
When: 13 – 20 August, 2022
In the heart of the Costa del Sol, the August Fair of Malaga offers a week of ultimate fun activities and festivities. You can attend this festivity at any time of day or night and have an unforgettable summer vacation in Europe. Immerse yourself in Spain’s diverse culture and heritage.

10. Festa Major De Gràcia (Gracia Festival)

Where: Gràcia, Barcelona, Spain
When: 15-21 August, 2022
One of Spain’s most prominent carnivals and summer celebrations. The entire Gracia neighbourhood joins together to compete for and win the most grandiose décor by sprinkling creative colours all over the place.

Parades, acrobats, and firework displays are also held on the streets. You’d be transported to another dimension if you saw this mind boggling artistry in every place all at once.

11. La Tomatina

Where: Buñol, Spain
When: 31st August
The most well-known and well-known Spanish event is La Tomatina, which attracts visitors from across the globe. Millions of tourists and locals flock to the alleys of Bunol during the tomato festival, smashing and throwing tomatoes at one other.

This fiesta, which began more than 70 years ago, has grown to be such a big attraction in the country that more than 20,000 tickets are promptly sold out.

So, if you want to colour the town red and be a part of this wonderful event, make Tomatina a priority on your to-do list.

12. Amorevore Food & Arts Festival

Where: Ibiza, Spain
When: Not announced yet
This event honours many types of abilities and skills, from food and entertainment to movies and art. The festival’s major goal is to bring a fresh perspective on international food and environmental challenges.

This event brings together internationally recognized chefs from all around the world. This fair is all about honouring what comes from the heart, such as a desire to build a community, enjoy good food, and share knowledge.

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