Best countries in Europe to explore career in logistics

Logistics is a term that refers to the process of moving raw materials from the factory to the consumer, where they are processed, used, and even recycled.

Despite the fact that the global economy has deteriorated and so many business lines have reached the edge of the cliff of economic crisis during the Covid-19 process, progress has been made in this sector, the logistics industry in Europe is expanding at a rapid pace.

As the sector, which is headed by Western Europe, grew, data governance and smart systems continued to evolve. In Europe, the number and quality of personnel in the logistics sector has increased as the industry has grown.

Employees who want to work in this field must first get a qualification. In Europe, there are several work chances in the logistics field, all of which require a specialized and thorough education.

Leading European Countries in Logistics

1. Germany

In 2016, the World Bank named Germany the world logistics champion for the third time. Germany’s most notable geographical feature is its location in the heart of Europe’s transportation network. It also has a competitive advantage in logistics, such as tracking and tracing, as well as a strong economy.

Deutsche Post, DHL, Rhenus, and UPS are among Germany’s largest logistics corporations.

2. France

In the logistics sector, France is ranked second in Europe and sixth globally. France has more than 150 thousand logistics enterprises and more than 1.8 million employees on average.

France has Europe’s largest road network and Europe’s second-largest high-speed train network. France possesses Europe’s first inland waterway network, with a total length of about 8,500 kilometers.


In terms of logistics and transportation, Poland is in a very favorable position and functions exceptionally efficiently. Poland has a market value of more than 5.9 billion euros and is located in the heart of Europe. It is Eastern Europe’s largest logistics sector and the fifth largest in Europe.

While land transportation is widely used in Poland, it also has an impact on employment.


One of the main causes for Czechia’s economic growth in recent years has been the strengthening of transportation networks. At the same time, it helps the economy by increasing consumer need.

Czechia’s logistics planning, particularly transportation, accounts for 37% of the country’s logistics expenditures. The country has a significant presence in European trade due to its geographic location.

5. Spain

Spain supports unfettered access to Europe, a worldwide market with over 500 million consumers.

Internet sales in Spain are increasing at a rate of roughly 24% per year on average. More than 22 million individuals shop on the internet, which has an obvious positive impact on the country’s logistics companies.

According to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index, Spain ranks #18 in the world for logistics performance.

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