Business’s Most In Demand Skills In 2022

Digital transformation is transforming the way we do business, influencing close to 80 percent of firms’ current business operations. Working remotely has become regular practice for many firms, necessitating specific online technologies and process automation to assure productivity at a distance. As technology advances staffing roles with an urgent requirement for unique abilities has grown even more competitive.

While we continue to grapple with the ongoing global pandemic, companies are rethinking their strategies and deciding on a “new normal”. Graduates who want to start a job in today’s digital age need to hone a few of the most important business skills, including:

Digital Media Literacy

A digitally literate person can discover, evaluate, and share information utilizing a variety of digital channels and is proficient with the most up-to-date tools of the profession.

C3S Business School is dedicated to changing business education by producing industry leaders who are prepared to work in the digital realm and have the skills to manage new systems and lead teams.

Working Solo

While teamwork is still highly valued, solitary functioning has emerged as a new path ahead for many businesses. Lone workers are employees who can operate independently and stay self-motivated without close or direct supervision and yet achieve results. Contractors, freelancers, and workers who can be trusted with less managerial oversight are examples of these people.



Adaptability is cultivated when a person is versatile and adapts to altering circumstances, situations, or environments. When it comes to navigating unpredictably changing marketplaces and trends, adaptability is essential.

You’ll be a competitive job applicant and a steadfast professional if you can shift surroundings and embrace new work practices. Adaptability also develops other soft skills such as communication and interpersonal interactions, resulting in a well-rounded hiring.

Optimism & Empathy

Optimism is a state of mind, whereas empathy is the capacity to notice others’ feelings and a willingness to understand their point of view. Empathy aids in the strengthening of connections and the formation of a cohesive team.

Due to recent worldwide changes, the attitudes of businesses and society about employment have evolved. Managers have had to develop into inspired leaders in order to encourage people and provide assistance by utilizing emotional intelligence, compassion, and acceptance.

Identifying what potential employers seek for will assist students in navigating their academics, focusing on those areas, and fine-tuning their applications.

Learn more about these skills through our Learning Model pedagogy which includes Workshops, Seminars, Group Discussions, Mock reviews, Case Study Analysis, Guest lectures, etc. for Master’s, Bachelor’s as well as Diploma certification programs.

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Pooja Shah is the Head of Digital Content and Engagement at Barcelona's C3S Business School. She has over 12 years of international experience in the field of education, with a diverse portfolio of roles. She is the driving force behind the school's digital content on its website and social media platforms. She went on to get her MBA with a specialty in Human Resources after excelling academically in her Bachelor's in Computer Applications. Her passion is to educate and inspire the humanity, thereby contributing her bit to the society.