Differences between Tourism Degree and a Hospitality Degree

As of right now, we have established what are the factors that can determine if you are interested to get a degree in the Tourism industry. We also established the different kinds of careers that you could acquire after getting your degree in Tourism. Today, we are going to focus on something to keep in mind when heading to study in this industry: what is the difference between getting a tourism degree or a hospitality degree?

Tourism Degree

One of the big key elements of Tourism itself is that it’s a very specific type of industry relating to travel. These programs in Tourism look at how to make clients and customers feel more comfortable and satisfied while traveling. Many graduates with a tourism degree can find work as travel agents and tour guides as well as become representatives for major travel companies. If anything, if you play your cards right, you might be able to get a job at a place like Disney thanks to a degree in Tourism

Hospitality Degree

The key factor of getting a hospitality degree is that it’s a degree that prepares you for working in customer service and the travel industries. Students take courses on food sanitation, food preparation, hotel management, ordering and human resources. By being part of these processes, students will know how to take stock of inventories, schedule employees working underneath you and follow a strict budget. Combine all this with the high levels of customer service expertise that’ll be ingrained in your brain, you can get different kinds of jobs like a manager of a five-star resort or as a manager of a conference center.

We hope now you get the difference between a tourism degree and a hospitality degree. For more on the information on the Tourism and Hospitality Management programs of C3S, click here.