Job opportunities in Barcelona: Earn & Learn

Deciding where you will want to work can be a big decision in many areas of your life, whether for personal growth or long-term success. Many factors like cost of living and Job opportunities in Barcelona can determine a lot of your ultimate decisions, so it is wise to pick a great city where you’ll be able to succeed.

Where C3S Business School is located is for a really good reason: the city of Barcelona has grown over the last couple of years to be considered one of the best cities in the world to work at. This statement was made after a very thorough study made by the Boston Consulting Group and The Network, where many people consider Barcelona one of the best cities to work at, tied with the city of Berlin in Germany, and only beaten by the city of London in England, and New York City in the United States.

There are a couple of factors which have made Barcelona rank high as a great place to work. For one, thanks to its geographical location, many people like the idea of Mediterranean weather, thanks to Barcelona’s location directly to the Mediterranean Sea. For other people, a big selling point of the city is the unique culture mix of old and modern, where many of the architectural advancements made in the city are complemented by classical architecture from the 19th century. The richness in culture from the old and new can make for an interesting work environment for some. Add to this some major conveniences like the relative closeness of the city’s beaches (where many people could end a long day of work with a quick trip to the beach); the easy transportation from place to place where everything can be easily reached with a quick bike ride; the emerging business scene that shows an immense amount of growth and opportunity for great new ventures.

Mix all of this together, and you can see why the city of Barcelona is a great place to go work at.

If you need any more convincing of the growth of the city as a great place to work, look at this interesting fact: over the past six months in 2018, many big name corporations have deemed Barcelona a great place to open big company branches and technological centers. Companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon saw the growth opportunity of the city of Barcelona, and decided to establish themselves deeply in the city. Other companies like Lidl, Nestle and Allianz also saw the city’s worth and decided to establish themselves here. If this doesn’t tell you how many people see the opportunities of this city, we don’t know what else could convince you.

At C3S Business School, we saw the great opportunity for growth in this city. We believe being established here can allow us to help all our prospective students to be connected with great business opportunities and have a chance for great success in the future. Through our comprehensive internship program, we can ensure our students will have a great foot forward in one of the best cities in the world to work at.

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