Things to consider before accepting a job

It’s the moment that many people are long anticipating. After a long and arduous process, which included a lot of work searches and potentially a couple of job interviews, the moment has come: you have been offered a job. This moment can be very momentous because it’s the culmination of a lot of things starting all the way from when someone’s journey started with higher education. It all leads up to this.

It is very easy to just jump in and accept it right away.

Now the question remains: before saying yes, has a lot of important question being considered before accepting the offer? As momentous as getting a job offer may be, just saying yes before considering very important elements could be something that may be harmful in the long run. Here are the things you should have considered beforehand before saying yes to a job offer:

Your Life Balance

 For some people, focusing on their job will their whole life, It will be the only thing that matters to them. The thing is, for some people that may be appealing, but for others it won’t. And the truth is, a job that consumes someone’s entire time can make someone miserable in the long run. There is so much in someone’s life than just going to work. There has to be a balance to many things, including a social life, a healthy life, and many other things. If a job consumes so much time those other things are not possible, maybe it’s worth reconsidering accepting a job offer with such time commitments.

Source of Income

The big one here, and probably the most important one: how much will the job will pay you? The reason many people get a job is to make money to make a living. It is very tempting to say yes to any job offer once you’re out of school/college because you’ll want to start making any money as soon as possible. Yes, making money is good. The big question is: will it be enough? There are so many factors that constitute someone’s life, particularly different kinds of bills and expenses, it is very important to see if the amount of money you’ll earn will be able to cover everything for you to live well without the stress of not having enough to live by. Also, very importantly, make sure the money you earn can exceed what your expenses are, so that you can still have money with you for any scenario/emergency. If a job will only give you money for your bills and expenses and nothing else, you can either readjust your lifestyle (place to live, miscellaneous things like phone bills/internet/etc.) to adapt to the income you’ll earn, or you can decline the job offer and look for something that’ll make you earn more.

Future Growth

What are your goals? What are your dreams? What are your aspirations? How do you see yourself in five to ten years? These are things to keep in mind when your journey in job searches start. Is the company that is offering you a job fit in with what your dreams and long-term goals are? Do they offer a great career path where you’ll be able to grow within that company to achieve those goals? Will it allow you earn more overtime? Some people sometimes conform themselves with any job to just go by. But like mentioned above, that kind of thing in the long-term can make you miserable. In life you will always want the satisfaction of growing up and seeing progress, so it is very important that a company who offers you a job will make it clear there is great opportunity to grow within the company. You will not want to stay in a job where it will stall your growth and dreams.

At C3S, all we want is for our students to find great success with finding the right job once they finish their studies. We want them to make the right decisions that’ll lead them on a successful career path, and we hope these recommendations serve anyone well.

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