The Careers Paths Available with a degree in Tourism Management

From an outside perspective It can be easy to dismiss a career in Tourism Management as a limiting field only focusing on just tourism. While tourism is a big part of it, the truth is someone can do so much with a tourism degree. Here are the different career paths someone can take with a career in Tourism Management:

  • Hotels and Resorts

Working as a staff member in a hotel is one of the more obvious career choices in Tourism Management. Getting to help guests on a holiday vacation and coordinating the whole process with staff members from a guest’s arrival to their departure, working as a manager in a hotel provides a great opportunity in how to manage a full team to provide guests with the best experience possible. Other areas you can work with in a hotel other than as a hotel/resort manager is as a front desk clerk/receptionist, housekeeper or hotel accountant.

  • Airline Travel and Luxury Cruise

As two of the largest tourism-related industries available, getting a degree in Tourism Management will allow you to become a part of an Airline Travel and Luxury Cruise in different leadership positions like operations management, logistics division, invoice and reservations. Other areas to work in both these industries is as a flight attendant, cruise staff, ship captain, travel security, luggage porter, etc.

  • Food and Beverage Services

 A degree in tourism management can allow you to work in different food and beverage services around the world. Not limited to just the ones at hotels or resorts, you could work at different special events enterprises as well as different restaurants and bars. Being a manager at one of these places requires a keen attention to detail in how to properly present food, making sure the quality of the food is good, see that events are properly staffed and equipped with everything necessary for them to run safe and smoothly, etc. In this industry you can work as restaurant manager, bar or club manager, catering coordinator. If you wish to go more hands on you can work as waiter, barista, chef or kitchen staff.

  • Entertainment manager

If you picture yourself as being more of a tour guide in an amusement park like Disney World, a tourism management degree can allow you to be one. From an Adventure Tour Guide, to an Amusement Park Manager, you can use this position to ensure families who come on vacation to one of the big amusement parks in the world have some of the best experiences they can have.

  • Event Planner

Graduating from Public Relations is not the only degree that can qualify you from becoming an event planner. Working in the Tourism and Hospitality industry requires a similar level of event planning expertise, and for people wishing to be part of the industry through that angle, a tourism management degree can provide that opportunity. From planning events as either a wedding coordinator, concert coordinator and conference host, the degree will provide you the opportunity to work in these different areas.

  • Travel Counselor

 Maybe what you want is to properly guide different families to their dream vacation. The good news is that earning a degree in tourism management can properly equip you with the knowledge necessary to become a great travel counselor. With knowledge of what makes an effective vacation, you’ll be able to counsel families with travel arrangements, booking reservations and other documentation necessary for them to enjoy a great vacation.

  • Working in the Tourism and Hospitality industry is proving to be one of the better paying jobs available. With yearly wages that hover around $52,000/year in the United States or 26,800 EUR/year in Spain, it is a great way to earn some good money in an industry that proves that it’s not boxed in to just one thing.

At C3S, we are happy to provide different diploma levels of Tourism Management as well as a bachelor’s degree for those interested in experiencing this industry. Combining academics with some great hands on experience from our great internship programs through “World Wide Internships”, any student interested in the Tourism and Hospitality industry will be well equipped to work in it through us.

As C3S is located at a great cultural center point in Barcelona, students will be able to learn a diverse cultural context, so they can work in the Tourism and Hospitality industry in different parts of the world.

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