Benefits of a Level 4 Diploma in Tourism Management CTH

“What is the next step?”

It is the all-important question behind the mind of any high school student in a period of transition. For some, the simple answer is go to college and earn a bachelor’s degree. For others, the answer may not be a clear.  In a wide world full of different people, there is not one single path forward. In fact, the path forward for a single person can be full of limitless options; pathways specifically tailored for each individual’s aspirations, wants and desires.

There is no denying the benefit of earning a bachelor’s degree. For years its importance has been emphasized in how it is something crucial for the furthering of someone’s academic and professional lives, leading to a live with a well-paying job. However, in recent years, jumping straight to working towards a bachelor’s degree has shown to be something not practical to every potential student. Sometimes students need a stepping stone; something where they can get a taste of a potential career with some hands-on experience, so they can then make the transition towards a bachelor’s degree or further levels of personal career advancement.

With this in mind, if there is any student interested in a field which will develop and grow them in the area of management but are still not ready to immediately commit to a bachelor’s degree yet, the “Castelldefels School of Social Sciences” (CSSS) offers aLevel 4 Diploma in Tourism Management CTH. The benefit of pursuing this diploma allows students to dip their toes into the realm of the travel and tourism sector, get hands on experience in areas like customer service, and expand any employment and career opportunities beyond this diploma. With this diploma, students will become well versed in every possible area to be “manager ready” for the travel and tourism sector all in the span of a year.

 For all of the people skeptical of the idea of investing in a diploma compared to investing in a bachelor’s degree outright, there is a precedent for diplomas and certificates that allow people to get a well-paying job. According to the student coaching website, they note how data from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce and also some information for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows how there is people earning up to $65,000/year with jobs acquired only by a certification or diploma. These are jobs in the auto industry, air conditioning mechanics, broadcast and sound engineering technicians and much more. Even the nursing industry allows for diplomas which take 2 years to obtain to get into the medical field.  It goes without saying how investing on a diploma or certificate can make the cost of higher education more palatable to the students who find cost to be huge barrier of entry to pursue a career.

There is a value to pursuing a diploma if the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree is of no immediate interest. The journey towards a future career doesn’t end if a bachelor’s degree is not obtained. There are options in the world; all a student needs is to take advantage of those options. For those who pursue a diploma, if it’s of high interest for the student, it can help as a great transition towards then pursuing a bachelor’s degree. It’s a world with limitless options.

For those interested in more information for the diploma in Tourism Management offered by CSSS, you can click here.