Self-Awareness: A leader’s greatest trait

In life, sometimes we ourselves are our greatest critic. We are the ones that know ourselves better than anyone else. We tend to understand our own tics. We tend to know what works best for us and what does not. Sometimes its good to know ourselves really well so we can focus well on the places where we can grow best.

It is with that mindset where someone that grows into a leadership position has to focus on. In the world of leadership, things are constantly in a state of flux. With life’s ebbs and flows, one has to understand where their inclinations lie and use this knowledge to boost these inclinations or compensate for them. Doing this tends to help identify weaknesses and strengths and can help anyone course correct when properly identified. This self-awareness is key for you to grow in your field.

Here are some tips on how to become more self-aware:

Identify External Factors

Identify what factors, triggers, or indicators – both negative and positive – prompt others’ behaviors toward you. Why do you do the things you do, and how do others respond? How do you respond in turn, and why do you react the way you do? What is the impact of culture on your perspective and others’ perceptions?

 Gather Trusted Feedback

Feedback leads to empathy and helps you understand the impact of your actions on others. One of the key indicators of low self-awareness is being unaware of personal blind spots—traits or aspects that may limit the way you act, react, behave, or believe, and in turn, limit your effectiveness.

Consider the Circumstances

Think about when to utilize a personality trait to your advantage and when it’s best to leave it on the sidelines.

Assess Behaviors in Light of Your Values and Priorities

Do you observe patterns in your behaviors? Assess those patterns in light of what is important to you, what drives you, and who you want to be. Be honest in assessing competing priorities. Are there tendencies that you’d like to change? Are there factors you’d like to add to the equation? The best outcome of self-awareness is to figure out what makes you great and be more of it.

Stay Curious

Pretty self-explanatory. Dig deep. Dig hard. Always be looking for something new that can help trigger something you didn’t know before about yourself.

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