6 Sure Shot Tips On How To Get A Job After Graduation

College is said to be the best time of one’s life. You get to live every day vicariously, meet new people and some of them tend to stay with you for the rest of your life, you also get to learn and understand a lot more, mostly about life, different cultures and everything in between. College is also the time when one gets to pave their way for their future because by the end of it you need to make some very serious decisions. And, with these decisions come confusion on how to get a job after graduation.

While some have all the knowledge about what they want and how to get it, a majority of us are very unclear about what path should one choose? And, trust us, if you’re also feeling this then you are not alone. Everyone goes through such a stage where you’re consistently surrounded by confusion and decisions, all coupled with some serious time crunch.

To put your misery to an end, we have gathered some tried and tested tips on how to get a job after graduation and be ready for the future awaiting you. Check them out:

1. Zero Down on Decisions

The first and most important step is to understand what you want to do, which industry you want to work in and what are the top 5 companies you would want to join in the upcoming months. This is also one of the hardest parts since it requires you to be mindful of your choice and derive the next steps on this path.

2. Network 

We can’t stress this enough but one of the most important steps on this how to get a job after graduation is networking. It is also one of the best and most efficient ways to land a job. Reach out to family, friends, alumni and everyone in between, in the industry you’re planning to work in. You’ll definitely be able to land a lead for a future job, traineeship, or internship. These people can also help you a lot in understanding the industry you’re planning for, and what the work is like.

3. Internships 

Another great tip on how to get a job after graduation is to keep on utilizing your festive and seasonal holidays on internships in your desired industry. Companies are always ready to hire new talent as interns to not only teach them the work but to also get their hand off the monotonous work, which is an excellent opportunity for a fresher. Build up your work portfolio and this will definitely give you an added advantage in future work.

4. Become Active On Work Socials

There are tons of social media platforms and groups that bring you closer to the field you’re hoping to land yourself in, and you need to be available and active on those platforms. Start connecting with people in your chosen industry, the leaders, the changemakers, potential employers. This helps you in knowing which company is hiring first and gives you the first push toward it. 

5. Get Certifications

There are tons of certification courses online that help one in expanding their learnings and maximize their chances to land a good job. Most of them are online and you can definitely dabble your way through it. These certifications not only look good in your resume but also gives your resumes an added advantage in the eyes of the hiring team.

6. Don’t Wait 

The last and most important tip on how to get a job after graduation is to not wait for companies to come to your college for hiring or your professors to guide you through. Start actively applying and reaching out to the companies you want to work in and introduce yourself to them. Take advantage of every opportunity coming your way and make yourself available for it. Worst case scenario, you have to give a lot of interviews which in hindsight help you in understanding your own self better. 


These were some of the most effective and efficient tips on how to get a job after graduation that has helped tons of people in landing their first jobs right after college. Implement them in your search routine and you’ll definitely see some positive results.