Benefits of a career in Healthcare Management

There is no other industry field that sees as much evolution, flexibility and growing new trends as much as the Healthcare industry. With technologies advancing at such a fast rate, many professionals in the medical field are always striving towards finding new medical breakthroughs and advancements. As the complexity of this advancements go, more “research and development” is needed, and it’s in these times where someone is needed to keep these projects at an acceptable cost. At the same time, other than budgeting, some healthcare institutions and environments need someone responsible to oversee areas like the quality of care of the place. This person will be someone with a Healthcare Management degree.

There are many different jobs in the industry where positions of management are needed and certainly required for things to run smoothly. While there are some basic ideas and similarities with Healthcare Management compared to other industries when it comes to expectations, the impact of being a Healthcare manager can go beyond just being another job. At C3S, we are able to provide this career opportunity at the master’s level.  Here are some of the benefits one can find if they pursue a career in Healthcare Management:

Career Paths

Career paths in Health Care Management are big in number. There are wide variety of sub-fields someone can choose to put their skills into use. It can be in areas such as finance, human resources, patient care, information systems or supply management. Someone can even think in a macro level and aim for the top job as CEO, where they can oversee the big picture. There are tons of workplaces Healthcare managers can choose from. It can be hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes, universities, federal agencies, insurers and private medical practices. A master’s degree in Healthcare management can help someone find jobs as department managers, marketing directors and contract negotiators.

Healthcare Management offers higher wages than most other fields. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic, the median annual income for a manager was around $88,580 as of May 2012. That is almost three times the median wage of other occupations in a country like the United States, which averages around $34,756. In some places like New York City, you can find a Healthcare Manager earning up to $114,550. For people looking for very well payed jobs, Healthcare Management ranks very high in that regard.

Emotional Rewards

While there are many jobs out there where someone can feel they are making a difference in the world, Healthcare Management is a career that makes someone really fell they are making a difference in people’s lives. This job makes sure someone’s on top of doctors and nurses so they can give quality care to their patients. It will also require budget management so places like a hospital can have all the equipment, tools and items necessary to serve many. By staying on top of the latest technologies and advances, managers can also help bring cutting-edge care to their communities. Ultimately, if someone’s heart and passion is to help people in the biggest way possible, Healthcare Management provides that opportunity.

If a career in Healthcare Management is something of interest, C3S is happy to provide that career opportunity to interested professionals. For more information, click here.