Things you can do with a diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management

Just recently, C3S Business School introduced a Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management. One of the most important skills any professional could possess is the ability effectively manage and lead others. A professional manager is an expert, trained by education and experience to lead any type of organization. What makes the life of a manager so interesting is that it requires someone to address wide variety of problems – financial, material, human, legal, political, and environmental – almost every day. No other provides such a rich mixture of challenges.

With all those challenges also comes great opportunities. Getting a diploma of this level can open the door into a wide range of career opportunities for you to tackle. Here are some of them:


The area of sales is one that has probably more job opportunities than any other, especially for those looking for entry level positions in personal selling. This is generally one of the highest paying careers right from the start and provides different paths. Some people would choose a pathway where they become specialists dealing with chains, vendors and jobbers selling a particular kind of product or selling to specialized target groups such as independent grocers and hospitals. Other pathways include becoming a sales manager of a specific region, supervising sales representatives and managers under them. This can then potentially lead them to become national sales managers, vice president of sales, and perhaps even president.

Human Resources

Managers in human resources oversee the recruitment, training and compensation of a company’s employees. This profession attracts people who enjoy the interpersonal aspect of business.


These are the people who either start a new business or take over existing ones and potentially run them in better ways. People in this area usually have a strong desire to create and own something that will last and they also have the capacity to have decision-making authority over whatever it is that they create. This is probably the most risky of all the ventures, but the upside is potential success and the ability to be autonomous and being able to have self direction.

General Management

This is arguably speaking the ultimate realization of a career in business. It entails complete responsibility of a business, including profit and loss accountability and the performance of the entire business. People here need to have the strength for a very complex job that requires flexibility and quick decision making. The ultimate trajectory of a company usually rests in the general manager. Whether something succeed or fails rests in the hands of the general manager.

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