The Importance of Social Media for Business Brands

The Importance of Social Media for Business Brands

It’s pretty fair to say that Social Media has become a pretty vital part of our society. In 2019, it is going to be hard to find someone who doesn’t have any social media account, regardless of platform. The world is so interconnected, and everyone so interested in remaining connected with one another, that ignoring the impact of social media in our society would be a fool’s errand. It has become such a vital tool in general, any business brand not including it in any marketing plan is just asking for failure. Social networks are indeed one of the fastest growing industries in the world, so businesses need to start investing on using these platforms if they haven’t already.

Investing in social media marketing has been identified as the missing link connecting business brands with their consumers. In a world where there is more of a direct line of communication with all the different social media platforms, businesses using them see a big increase in their brand awareness and spread. Studies have shown that approximately 78% of small business use social media to attract new customers, while studies have also shown that 33% of customers have identified social media s how they identify new brands product and services. In short, most brands are validated through social media marketing.

A company’s social media presence, when done correctly, tells consumers that their brand is active and focused on thriving communication with consumers. Studies have shown that 63% of consumers who search for businesses online are more likely to use ones with an informative social media presence. It is the reason why social media marketing has the power to increase customer loyalty, as other studies have shown that 71% of consumers who received a quick response on social media would recommend the brand to others.

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How to be a Successful Digital Leader

How to be a Successful Digital Leader

These day and age, you can’t underestimate the strength of the pursuit of being a leader in any specific field. As the different business fields keep getting more and more crowded with people pursuing the same career goals, it’s important for you to step up your game and stand out from the pack. Instead of being one of them, why not be above them?

When trying to stand out as a leader in an industry, you got to make sure you have the traits necessary to be a successful. In this case, where we will talk about the ever-growing Digital landscape, these are the traits that can make you a successful leader in the digital realm:

Have a clear, innovative vision

 In the digital world, there is no way you can have a startup company and go in without a good idea of what your company is set to do and how it’ll stand amongst established giants. For this to happen, you need to have a clear vision of the goals of your company. What will your company do that’s different/similar to others in the field? What are the long-term/short-term goals? Even better, what new ideas can you bring to the table? The beauty of the digital world is how it continuously changes and evolves at such an accelerated rate, it’s always-easy to be able to come up with an idea that can make you stand out and be different from the pack. Obviously coming up with something like that will require a firm grasp of the marketplace and current technologies to understand where things currently are. But this knowledge is the key to being able to have a start on where you think technology can go with something fresh and innovative. Without a clear and innovative vision, it’ll be harder to you and your company to stand out as leaders in the ever-growing crowded digital world.

Embrace Curiosity and Experimentation

 As an addendum to the previous point, the one way to be able to come out with a clear, innovative vision is to embrace the unknown and be willing to experiment in fresh ways. For this to happen, you have to embrace a curiosity mindset to find these innovations. By being curious, you’ll be willing to step outside the comfort zone established by current technologies and doing so will help you try different ways to embrace the tools available to you. With constant experimentation, you may land with that one innovative thing that can help your company establish a clear, innovative vision that could lead the market to its next evolution. Staying comfortable with what is there will not push you or the medium forward. Be like a cat and be curious. In this case, curiosity won’t kill you.

Be Proficient with your Collaborations and Networking

 The digital medium hasn’t evolved by itself due to people developing innovative new technologies and keeping them to themselves. One of the reasons technology advances at such an advanced rate is the way people develop these new technologies and find ways to proliferate it with strategic partnerships and collaborations. It’s through these collaborations where most technologies are able to go the next step, as someone can bring new ideas to help make something better. Working in isolation in the digital realm will not help your company grow or go to the next level. If anything, the company will just be seen as selfish and will be stunted in growth. Embracing the ability to work with others and help make technologies better is a sign of great inclusive leadership and can help your company network better with the people and companies that truly matter.

Only way to keep growing is through constant expansion, so being proficient with the people and companies you collaborate, and network will bring your company and leadership greater long-term results.

Embracing the Digital Future

Embracing the Digital Future

The honest truth about the world we live in now is that it is impossible to be able to go by without engaging with any digital tool. The days of relying on the ways of old is not going to cut it if you refuse to adapt to the way the world connects with these days, especially in your professional career. Here are some ways to make the most use of your digital platforms:

Become Digitally Fluent

Most people in the world have this desire to learn something outside the norm. That tends to be exemplified by someone’s desire to explore the world by visiting foreign places/countries. Usually to prepare for that, people like to learn a different language to be able to adapt to their new environment. The digital environment created in social media is similar in that regard. Suddenly, the new rules of engagement have been created in this digital environment, and it is important for everyone, from high on top in companies to regular workers, to start learning the way to properly use these tools provided by social media. Learn what words create engagement in these environments. Learn what words not to use. The use of social media is not as simple as just saying what you want. Learning how to use it properly is almost a language in itself.

Be Willing to Experiment

 One big thing about the new age of social media is that it evolves so constantly in the span of months and days, it can be a little hard to keep up. But just as it evolves quickly, so it is important everyone keeps up with the evolutions. Sometimes those evolutions mean stepping outside a comfort zone usually occupied when you learn something that works effective at a moment. Considering the pace of evolution though, it is important to step outside the mindset of sticking to what works in the realm of digital platforms. Just as leaning on something can make someone or something seem modern at a time, it can easily make someone seem immediately outdated, too. As these evolutions in the different tools come, make sure you and everyone involved in using social media tools always take time to learn about the new things popping up. Being willing to experiment using these evolutions can be the key to stay relevant in this area.

Take advantage of information provided by the technology

 It can’t be understated how much information can be gathered by the use of this social media platforms. The amount of nuance you can learn about the way you engage with it, and how others engage with it, is something that wasn’t available before in the ways of old. Having all this information available now is something key to know how to adapt your use of these tools in the future. If you use social media for personal reasons, the information you can learn from how others interact with what you post can give you a solid idea of what to post to create better engagement with you and your audience.

If you use social media in the corporate environment, especially in the area of promotion, the analytical data you can learn from the things you promote will give you a great idea about what to post, when to post, how to post, and who to post. You can learn and infer so much with this information, so it is important you just don’t use the technology provided by the digital media platforms, but use the information provided to you to know how to improve your personal self or business in the eyes of others engaging with it. Using this info can be the key to develop growth opportunities going forward.

At C3S, we believe in learning everything current to always be up to date with state-of-the-art technology and current trends. All our students getting a degree with us will have knowledge and practice with the tools available to them to ensure they can go to the workplace with the most current knowledge of recent trends.

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The new face of Digital Marketing: The impact of the Internet influencer

The new face of Digital Marketing: The impact of the Internet influencer

Whether many people fully embrace it or not, the world has changed thanks to the rise of the internet. Old ways of thinking about marketing are outdated if there is no plan of including the internet as part of any campaign. The days of keeping marketing limited to billboards, newspapers and posters are just not going to lead to success as ways of consuming content have evolved thanks to the internet. For marketing campaigns to be successful, you either adapt to the new world, or risk fading into obscurity.

With that said, just putting a marketing campaign on the internet doesn’t guarantee the campaign will automatically be successful. The internet is wide and limitless in its reach, and there’s so much nuance with the different ways people like to consume information. Any successful marketing campaign needs to understand audience consumption habits in order to find the perfect niche that’ll lead to success on the internet, regardless of campaign focus. One of the ways some campaigns have found recent success has been by tapping into something that’s blown up recently and which attracts very specific audiences: the internet influencers.

Internet influencers have become probably one of the most prominent brands found on the internet these days. These influencers are people who have grown as internet personalities with either a small or big dedicated audience that understands and trusts the things the influencer says in their channel. Internet influencers are the people who have understood how to properly utilize platforms like YouTube and the various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to become more prolific, reach specific audiences and also establish a direct line of dialogue between themselves and the followers.

In a way, Internet influencers have become the most trusted “middle man” between a service/product and a potential customer. People who listen to a sales pitch from an actual company/organization trying to push something through their marketing are less likely to buy in to said product/services compared to if they hear about these same things from their favorite influencer.

Internet influencers for the most part are seen as someone who is transparent about the things they like/dislike, so when an audience hears from them something is worth their time and money, it’s more likely than not the audience will dive in.

 The impact of internet influencers is such it is not smart to not even include them as potential pieces of a marketing campaign. While there are still people that can be convinced of something through an ad in traditional media and social media, these days people need more convincing than just an ad, so internet influencers are a great way to circumvent this problem and strengthen the likelihood a marketing campaign can be most effective.

The level of trust and engagement most internet influencers have with their audiences is unlike most other things in the internet, so any company should be wise to find influencers with the most relevance, reach and resonance with a specific target audience that’s likely interested in something specific in order to maximize any marketing result.

Almost every industry these days (luxury, automobile, clothing, technology, etc.) is likely to have a couple internet influencers interested and championing the products they believe in and the ones they don’t. Ignoring the benefits of reaching out to them and make them a valuable source for any marketing push will be leaving a lot of potential money out.

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