Careers in Data Science and Business Analytics

Careers in Data Science and Business Analytics

Due to our more interconnected society, the world’s economy has been leaning more and more towards analytics these days. Companies have been collecting data for many years now, and there is a huge demand for the so called “data scientists” (people with a knowledge mix of mathematicians, trend-spotters and computer scientists). These people are the ones that decipher large volumes of data and carry out analysis to find trends in the data and gain deeper insight into what it means.

As a data scientist, there are many career roles someone can serve. Data scientists can be:

Business Intelligence Analyst

A BI analyst uses data to help figure out market and business trends by analyzing data to develop a clearer picture of where the company stands.

Data Mining Engineer

A data mining engineer examines not only the data for their own business but also that of third parties. In addition to analyzing data, they will create sophisticated algorithms to help analyze the data further.

Data Architect

Data architects work closely with users, system designers, and developers to create blueprints that data management systems use to centralize, integrate, maintain, and protect data sources.

Data Scientist

Data scientists begin by translating a business case into an analytics agenda, developing hypotheses, and understanding data—as well as exploring patterns to measure what impact they will have on businesses. They also find and choose algorithms to help further analyze data. They use business analytics to not only explain what effect the data is going to have on a company in the future but can also help devise solutions that will help the company to move forward.

Senior Data Scientist

A senior data scientist can anticipate what a business’s future needs will be. Apart from gathering data, they also analyze it thoroughly in order to resolve highly complex business problems efficiently. Through their experience, they can not only design but drive forward the creation of new standards, as well as create ways to use statistical data, and also develop tools to help further analyze the data.

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What you can become with a Diploma in Data and Science Analytics

What you can become with a Diploma in Data and Science Analytics

In a world that is becoming more focused around information technology, becoming proficient in Data Science and Big Data is kind of a hot topic lately. Directly connected to data analysis and business intelligence, the knowledge and skills someone learns through Data Science and Big Data are of incredible value in today’s job market.

Because of its high demand in today’s market, there are many ways to become embroiled in the world of Data Science and Big Data. Many schools offer a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Data and Science Analytics. With that said, the high demand of people in this field has led to the legitimization of working in the sector through a diploma.

One of the newest additions to C3S’ curriculum is an OTHM Diploma L7 in Data an Science Analytics which can lead anyone to get their foot through the door in the Data Science and Big Data sector. If you want to find a job in the sector but can’t commit entirely to a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the area, the diploma is a great starting point. Here are some of the jobs available in this field:


As a statistician, you will have to extract data from data bases through various statistical methods and tests. One you do that, you’ll have to make sure of the quality and the validity of the information you extract from these gathered sources.  A Statistician job can lead you to work for national governments, local authorities, consulting and reporting companies, market research companies and research institutes.

Business intelligence reporting professional

Through this job, you can do market research or generate various reports from structured data. BI specialists will use SQL, machine language and statistical tools to comprise reports and analysis and send all the data to their management team. This line of work can lead you to work for tech companies, financial companies, consulting and reporting companies.

Data Mining or Big Data Engineer

With this job, you will collect and analyze big loads of data, sometimes form unstructured information and you’ll also be responsible for building and maintaining the software infrastructure of whatever program you’re working with in the specific company you are employed. This job can give you a position at tech, entertainment, retail and trade companies.

Program/Project Manager

Your job will be to influence business decisions after using and evaluating the data and insights provided by the main operational departments of a company. You’ll deal with planning, making sure the work meets the required standards established by your budget. A project manager will usually need to have knowledge of statistics. Most companies need a program/project manager, so you’ll potentially find a job in any company looking for one.

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