MWC Barcelona 2022: blurring the boundaries of technology & education

What is Mobile World Congress (MWC)

MWC Barcelona is the most significant event for the connectivity business in the world. It’s a place where world class enterprises and trendsetters exchange the most up-to date insights on the evolution and fate of connectivity. It’s also the choicest place to meet cellular and IT industry heavyweights for networking.

Global mobile carriers, device makers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners all attend MWC Barcelona. MWC Barcelona is the place to be spotted, to show off cutting-edge products and technologies, and to build lasting relationships with corporate leaders, innovators, and visionaries.

Discover Connectivity Unleashed, the theme for 2022, which focuses on the industry’s cutting-edge innovations.

• Cloudnet – Event Theme Partner: Kyndryl
• 5G Connect – Event Theme Partner: Salesforce
• Internet of Everything
• Fintech
• Tech Horizon
• Advancing AI

The pandemic’s impacts have had a significant impact on education. We’ve learned over the last few months the value of face-to-face interaction and the role of technology in overcoming obstacles such as seclusion, special requirements, and tailored learning.

Impact of technology in education

EdTech, or education technology, is ramping up, and the future seems promising! The session held at MWC 2022 was titled “Future of Education” that intended to bring together the perspectives of investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs in the education technology sphere to debate and assess how technology is shaping a vital domain for socio – economic progress.

The metaverse as technology was one of the topics for the 2022 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Virtual reality glasses and mind-blowing experiences abound. However, education becomes one of the most emerging fields in this domain.

According to Gartner, by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour every day in the metaverse.

One of the Ericsson pavilion displays looked ahead to 2026, envisioning the immersive lessons at universities using technology. The scenario envisioned was that all students in a classroom will be wearing extended reality glasses, and the teacher, who possibly would be on a train, may teach the class as if she were present. She would appear as a hologram, and the students can see the subject of study, in the explained case – a type of herbaceous plant, in the background. “More immersive tools will be used in teaching, and the lines between digital and virtual will start to blur”, predicts Eric Blomquist, director of strategy execution at Ericsson.

Marvrus, a Korean business, is looking to incorporate into its Meemz platform, which might be done through a video game. You control an avatar and can travel to various locations, some of which will be virtual lessons or experiences in the future to aid learning.

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