English: The primary tool for International Business

Over time, you will start hearing about the important things to learn to be able to effectively do business. You’ll be told about certain kinds of courses and jobs/internships to pursue that’ll benefit your pursuit in the business life. These are things that will benefit you as a local business pursuer, and even for someone interested in pursuing international business, these things can be beneficial.

However, for international business, there are times some forget to emphasize probably the most important thing: the means for communication. Dealing internationally means probably dealing with someone with another language. But because there is a chance dealing with someone from a different country may give the impression of learning a niche language, it’s important for anyone, regardless of country, to learn the most important tool of all: the English language.

There’s no underestimating the fact of how important knowing English is for anyone even remotely interested in dealing in International Business. As probably the most common language in the world since the turn of the century, the English language has become an important staple for anyone to learn nowadays. The English language is the primary language of approximately 375 million people, not to mention almost 750 million know it as some kind of foreign language.  It is so important and crucial that many companies are increasingly making it a requirement to have knowledge of it. The way the world is trying to become more globalized, where businesses interlope at the same time through different corners of the world, makes someone not learning it a fool’s errand.

With that said, it is important to not just learn the basics of standard-speaking English, but to also learn the more complex version of it if you’re interested in pursuing International Business. Speaking English in the business world means learning the restraint of fast delivery, colloquial expressions and unclear pronunciation, as well as knowing proper terms in professional areas like logistics, numbers, human resources, etc. Learning specific terms in those areas will make not only make you a sound a lot smarter, it will help you present yourself as a better professional in the international world.

At C3S, we understand the value of having the right tools to communicate and be a better business professional. Even for those who do not know the language or know it cursorily, we offer our students the chance to perfect the use of the English language through us to become the best international business professionals they can be.

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