What is Post graduate diploma? Diploma in Barcelona

If you think that What is Post graduate diploma? once you finish your bachelor’s degree you have reached your ceiling for learning, you’d be wrong. There is always a way to keep learning and attain more knowledge that’ll help embellish your skills that’ll help with your career. There are a couple of ways to keep on the learning train after you get your bachelor’s degree, and those ways are either a postgraduate certificate or a graduate diploma.

So now your question might be: what the difference between the postgraduate certificate and a graduate diploma is and what are they when taken as their own thing.

Graduate Diploma

A graduate diploma is a qualification (usually vocational) where someone can acquire some practical knowledge and learn some specific skillsets for someone’s chosen field. Basically, the people that pursue this diploma are interested in gaining more practical skills in a quicker fashion for potential employers. Many universities worldwide offer a graduate diploma (including our school C3S Business School). A graduate diploma usually takes about one year to complete, and many programs offer direct entry towards a Master’s degree course. For people that want to improve their career prospects and their potential income, a Graduate Diploma is a good thing to pursue.

Postgraduate Certificate

A postgraduate certificate is an educational credential which provides students with some advanced skills in a specific area of specialization. This certificate provides someone the eligibility to practice a profession. Unlike a Master’s degree that provides a broader view of a subject area and more career options, a postgraduate certificate focuses on a few areas of a specific subject. Compared to a Graduate Diploma which can be completed within a year, a postgraduate certificate can take between a few weeks to one or two years to complete. With something that can be very affordable compared to a Master’s Degree, and an ability to complete it by just completing three to seven courses, you can quickly acquire skills that can help with your career.

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