Student life Barcelona(Spain): Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be considered one of the most enriching experiences a student can have during their formative, higher education years. It is a moment where they can have the opportunity to adapt to a new culture, live in the moment of something fresh and exciting, seize potential new opportunities for their future and experience the world outside the confines of their own.

From the different places students can go to experience a study abroad experience, know about the Student life Barcelona(Spain) is a unique place amongst many. Here are the reasons why the city of Barcelona is the most enriching city for students to come to for a study abroad opportunity:

Wide Geographical Variety and Beauty

The city of Barcelona is uniquely located in a valley between mountains and the sea in the Spanish region of Catalonia. Basically, it is a city with access from things to the sea and to the mountains. If you are someone very keen to experience some great sights and the great outdoors, the city of Barcelona can give you that experience with breathtaking views on a hike up Mt. Tibidabo or Monserrat one day, to a gorgeous day at the beach near the Mediterranean the next.

Food Heaven

If you want a place with a wide variety of foods, the city of Barcelona is your place. From tapas, pintxos, paella and sangria in one meal, a light breakfast with that includes things like a chocolate croissant or a “pan con tomate”, some great pastry in the different bakeries in the city, the city of Barcelona has got you covered.

Culture: Modern Architecture and Deep Art and Traditions

If there is something that the city of Barcelona embraces wholeheartedly, is its sense of culture. From traditions like the celebration of Sant Jordi on April 23, to architectural showcases of key players in art culture from Barcelona’s history like Antoni Gaudi, and art exhibitions in galleries, exhibitions and museums, the culture of Barcelona is felt all the time. Students looking to get themselves immersed into a different culture will find themselves at home in the city of Barcelona.

Plus, the city of Barcelona is home to arguably the best football/soccer team in the world: FC Barcelona. The chance to see the team play at the historic Camp Nou will make for an experience study abroad students will never forget.

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