5 possible steps to choose wisely a professional career

One of the most important decisions of life is to study a professional career, so before making this decision you have to make a personal brief, and a work analysis to choose properly, since it will depend on the professional and life development of the person who studies it.

We share with you 5 possible steps to choose wisely a professional career:

1. Define a life plan:

Before making any decision, it is important to understand that it is not only the choice of an activity, is about to choose the career we are going to study and, therefore, the profession we will dedicate ourselves. To facilitate the selection process, it is important to define a life plan. Keeping clear what the long-term objective is and what must be done to achieve it. This will allow us reaching the goal in a satisfactory manner, according to the established plan and making the best choice in the future.

2. Know the vocational interests and aptitudes:

The interests are the hobbies we feel for something, that is, what we like to do, from the personal, to academic interests such as mathematics, literature or art. At the same time, it is important to know the aptitudes, natural dispositions we have to perform certain activities, that is: what we are good at? In this way we will know if we really have the talent for what we like to do or we should rethink that option. The important thing is to find something we can do for pleasure, but at the same time we also have the skills to perform.

3. Determine the type of intelligence that predominates in us:

Contrary to what is believed, there are many types of intelligence and ways of learning. It may be that you have an extraordinary sense to solve mathematical problems, but not manual intelligence to make a sculpture. Therefore, recognizing what type of intelligence prevails in each one is useful to make the best decision.

4. Distinguish the personality traits we have:

It is essential to know the traits that define us as individuals, since from these we can also determine how our academic and professional development can be. For example, if you have a shy personality a person can hardly develop in a career that requires constant interaction with others. So, we must recognize where the personality we have can be an impulse, or on the contrary, represent an obstacle.

5. Evaluate the labour market of the professional options of greater interest:

To choose career it is also necessary to carry out a deep and careful investigation of what is done in that profession, the areas where we can work, the demand that exists in the labour field and, even, what academic institutions offer the adequate option to study. Where you can exercise, what is done, how much it costs to study and how much can be earned, are some of the questions to answer in this analysis that will expand the vision of the profession

The most important thing for young people to take the best decision is always to have clear objectives and goals, as well as their hobbies and skills, so they can better evaluate their options. The best place to study or work is the one that makes us happy, where our talent can be develop, where we can grow as people and as professionals.

You can start this path studying in C3S, we can help you in the journey.